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Why choose Gazelle 2?

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Jun 14, 2017 4:08:10 PM

The Gazelle 2 has become the preferred choice for many Irsys partners and end-users the world over, so what are the top reasons people are giving for choosing the Gazelle 2?


RBTE 2016: Brick-and-mortar stores here to stay

Posted by Allen Haynes on Mar 17, 2016 1:57:21 PM

For years, the notion that brick-and-mortar stores were on the way out and online-based sales were stealing the show has been atop news articles. However, it’s clear that thought is unfounded, according to Terry Duddy, non-executive director of Debenhams and former CEO of Home Retail Group, when he spoke at RBTE 2016.