Passenger Counting in
Airports and Train Stations

Understand passenger flow

Airports, train stations and other transport hubs are some of the busiest and most crowded places in the modern world. To operate efficiently and effectively, understanding in real-time how passengers flow and move around your location is essential.

Passenger count data is a powerful tool for daily management, future planning, operational efficiency and ensuring passenger satisfaction. Data from our advanced people counting sensors can be easily integrated in to existing systems.

Passenger Counting

Advanced passenger counting features

Vector 4D - Staff Detection

Staff detection and exclusion

Simple fabric lanyards can distinguish staff members (eg cleaners & security) from passenger, enabling staff to be removed from counts for increased accuracy.

Vector 4D - Full Store Tracking

Open areas and wide entrances

Connect multiple sensors together for seamless passenger tracking over large areas and wide entrances.

Vector 4D - Dwell

Dwell and heat maps

Measure how long passengers spend in different areas and visualize movement trends with heat maps.

Vector 4D - Multi-Direction Counting

Multi-directional counting

Our industry leading people counting sensors detect the direction of movement and increments counts accordingly.

Vector 4D - Groups and Crowd Counting

Group and crowd counting

The AI on-board our advanced people counting sensor can easily handle large crowds and busy locations.

Content Card - 740x420 - Vector 4D - Child Filter

Child filter

Customizable height filters enable children to be anonymously detected and removed from count data.

Introducing Vector 4D

Our industry leading people counting sensor that makes all this possible.

Vector 4D leverages our decades of people counting experience and has been specially designed for maximum performance and counting accuracy.

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