Live occupancy monitoring solution

Automated occupancy monitoring

Boost employee and customer confidence.

Understanding what happens inside your buildings is key in optimizing your workplaces to their fullest potential. From staying compliant with occupancy limits, to preventing overcrowding. Not having the right solutions in place means you lose visibility of what is really happening. 

Without reliable, real-time data, you could fail to remain compliant, or fail to identify a downturn or overcrowding, and you might not even be aware until it is too late. 

Our SafeCount occupancy monitoring solution can provide you with the data, insight and confidence so that you don’t have to worry. With real-time visibility of what is happening in your buildings, you can focus on the essential things, like improving customer and employee satisfaction.

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Easy, fast install

Can be self installed. No complicated setup or configuration.

High accuracy

Unrivalled person detection accuracy in excess of 99%. Accuracy is important.

SafeCount - People Counting Privacy
Privacy protecting

Anonymous sensing technology. Does NOT use cameras to detect people.

Standalone, yet scalable

Works independently of existing IT networks. Scale with SafeCount Plus.


SafeCount - Meeting Room Panel

Where can SafeCount be used?

SafeCount can be used to monitor the occupancy of entire buildings, individual rooms or anything in-between. Great for businesses that want to improve their employee and customer experience. Example use cases:

Does your building or room have multiple entrances and exits? Don't worry, that’s not a problem for SafeCount.

Long term benefits of occupancy data

Reduce real estate costs. Improve carbon footprint.

Unused office space, poor ventilation for employees and energy-hungry office systems are a wasted resource in many workplaces.

Excessive use of utilities is a drain on your business and can lead to expensive real estate costs, unhappy employees and a high carbon footprint.

People-counting technology allows you to make informed decisions about reducing your unused spaces where necessary. Our sensors can work directly with smart office systems, such as HVAC systems and lights, to power down when a room is detected as unoccupied. This reduces unnecessary energy and amenity costs for your business and allows you to optimize spaces to their full potential.

Learn more: Benefits of people counting in a post covid-19 world

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Advanced feature: zone in zone occupancy monitoring

Manage overall occupancy of an area whilst subdividing into smaller areas to prevent clustering and overcrowding.

With the option to either include or exclude the real-time occupancy of a sub-zone from a parent-zone, you can set target occupancy limits for individual areas of the building.

Example use cases include:

  • Café in a supermarket
  • Changing room in a retail store
  • Washroom in an office

SafeCount - Zone in zone

Endless customization options to match your company branding

SafeCount Plus - Dashboards - Desktop Tablet Mobile

SafeCount Plus Cloud Platform

Do you manage multiple buildings or have SafeCount systems installed across multiple locations? With the SafeCount Plus cloud platform you can remotely access and analyse all the occupancy data collected by your SafeCount systems, in real time.

Advanced reporting enables you to easily review, compare and analyse occupancy data to identify locations that are not complying with occupancy restrictions, allowing you to take action.

  • Compare real time and historic performance across a portfolio of buildings and locations
  • Supports unlimited buildings in different locations and timezones
  • Integrate live occupancy data with other platforms and systems

SafeCount Plus

Brands that have deployed Irisys people counting solutions


Tesco logoKroger logoWestfield logoMorrisons logoThomas Pink LogoMcArthur Glen logo

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The Markets at Anacortes chose a SafeCount occupancy monitoring system to protect customer and staff safety within the store.

"Spot on accurate. Very simple to use"

Describing it as "a perfect solution" for them, CEO Kevin Weatherill, praises the accuracy and simplicity of the system, and reveals that the occupancy data captured is providing benefits and insights in other areas.

The Markets - SafeCount is the perfect solution for us video

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How SafeCount works

SafeCount uses highly accurate people counting sensors to count people as they enter and exit a building or a room.

See how easy it is to get started

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SafeCount Datasheet

All the SafeCount information you need in one document.
Perfect for sharing with colleagues.

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