Live occupancy monitoring solution

Real-time occupancy monitoring

Designed for accuracy and fast implementation, a SafeCount system helps businesses comply with social distancing and occupancy guidelines by anonymously counting people as they enter and exit your building.

Suitable for buildings of all sizes, even those with multiple entrances and exits, a SafeCount solution delivers live occupancy data with visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded.

SafeCount works independently of existing IT networks and is designed for simple setup and fast installation.

Easy, fast install

Can be self installed. No complicated setup or configuration.

High accuracy

Unrivalled person detection accuracy in excess of 99%. Accuracy is important.

Privacy protecting

Anonymous sensing technology. Does NOT use cameras to detect people.

Standalone, yet scalable

Works independently of existing IT networks. Scale with SafeCount Plus.


SafeCount - Meeting Room Panel

Where can SafeCount be used?

SafeCount can be used monitor occupancy of entire buildings, individual rooms or anything inbetween. Example use cases are:

Does your building or room have multiple entrances and exits? Don't worry, that’s not a problem for SafeCount.

The Markets website logo

The Markets at Anacortes chose a SafeCount occupancy monitoring system to protect customer and staff safety within the store.

"Spot on accurate. Very simple to use"

Describing it as "a perfect solution" for them, CEO Kevin Weatherill, praises the accuracy and simplicity of the system, and reveals that the occupancy data captured is providing benefits and insights in other areas.

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Brands that have deployed Irisys people counting solutions


Thomas Pink LogoTesco logoMcArthur Glen logoKroger logoWestfield logoMorrisons logo

Westfield logo"Westfield Stratford counts a record breaking 47 million visitors. Europe’s largest urban shopping center used Irisys’s people counting technology to detect the activities for 250 shops, 70 bars, and restaurants, a cinema, a bowling alley and a casino."

- Westfield Shopping Centre case study

National Grid Logo"The Irisys system is expected to help National Grid maintain a saving of £8 million in the first year, and over £48 million in the first 5 years, with an ROI of less than 12 months."

- National Grid case study

SafeCount Plus Cloud Platform

Do you manage multiple buildings or have SafeCount systems installed across multiple locations? With the SafeCount Plus cloud platform you can remotely access and analyse all the occupancy data collected by your SafeCount systems, in real time.

Advanced reporting enables you to easily review, compare and analyse occupancy data to identify locations that are not complying with occupancy restrictions, allowing you to take action.

  • Compare real time and historic performance across a portfolio of buildings and locations
  • Supports unlimited buildings in different locations and timezones
  • Integrate live occupancy data with other platforms and systems

SafeCount Plus

SafeCount Plus - Dashboards - Desktop Tablet Mobile

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How SafeCount works

SafeCount uses highly accurate people counting sensors to count people as they enter and exit a building or a room.

See how easy it is to get started

SafeCount Download Datasheet


SafeCount Datasheet

All the SafeCount information you need in one document.
Perfect for sharing with colleagues.

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Why Accuracy is Critical When Measuring Occupancy

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