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Irisys people counting solutions

Our people counting solutions give our customers unprecedented insight on their business, enabling them to improve service, operational efficiency and profitability.


Real time occupancy monitoring solution

Protect the safety of everyone in your building and enable social distancing with our SafeCount occupancy monitoring solution.

SafeCount occupancy monitoring solution


True Occupancy

Occupancy analytics platform for smart buildings

Optimise your workplace by understanding building utilisation and knowing how it is really used.

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True Occupancy

Queue Management

Checkout queue management systems for supermarkets

Customers hate queueing. Our supermarket queue management system can reduce queue length, optimise staffing and greatly boost customer satisfaction.

Queue Management - Checkout

Queue Management

Irisys people counting sensors

Our people counting sensors don't just power our own people counting solutions. Irisys partners around the world use our people counting sensors to power their own solutions and systems.

Vector 4D people counting sensorVector 4D

Highly accurate, privacy protecting, people counting sensor

Impressive feature set:

  • Staff detection
  • Dwell time monitoring
  • Tilted mounting support
  • Wide openings and large areas

Vector 4D

Gazelle thermal people counterGazelle 2

Truly anonymous, thermal people counting sensor

Uses body heat to track the presence of people and their direction of movement.

Gazelle 2

Did you know ...

People counting sensors are often referred to by many different names, such as:

  • Footfall counters
  • Door counters
  • Visitor counters
  • Customer counters
  • Occupancy sensors

But whatever the name, they all have one thing in common. They count people.

Why Irisys?

More than 500,000 sensors installed

Over 10 billion people counted annually

24 years experience

Trusted by global businesses

Irisys Customers

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“… reduced the average amount of time a customer waits in line to check out to about 30 seconds today compared to around 4 minutes in the past.”

Rodney McMullen, President and COO - Kroger