True Occupancy™

Space Utilization and Occupancy Analytics Platform

Optimize your building by understanding how it is really used

True Occupancy is an occupancy analytics platform that can make your building smart. It uses live data from our highly accurate people counting sensors to calculate actual building usage and occupancy in real-time. 

Why measure occupancy?

Buildings are significant cost generators for all businesses, so finding a way to run facilities as efficiently as possible is vital. With the current shift to remote and flexible working practices, this is now even more important.

By measuring the movement of people within a building, you can understand how it is actually used and remove the guesswork from important business decisions. And you can do this whilst also ensuring you provide a productive and safe working environment for everyone in your facility.


True Occupancy Dashboards

Improve Employee Experience

Reduce wasted time, release unoccupied rooms, predict demand and more

Optimize Space Utilization

Accurate and objective data for informed decision making

Reduce Costs and Energy Usage

Improve environmental footprint through automated control of HVAC and lighting

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"It's great for helping internal customers understand how their space is being used and provides important feedback to building managers on building usage"
Simon Carter, Head of Corporate Property - National Grid, UK