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Irisys have provided the essential technology for understanding people movement in buildings for 26 years and counting.

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Our mission:

To provide actionable insights on people in places

Who are we?

Irisys (InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd) are one of the largest global providers of people counting and occupancy monitoring solutions.

We design and manufacture technology that measures how buildings are used by people, to enable improvements and optimizations through informed decision making.

Trusted by major organizations around the world, our technology is utilized in sectors varying from retail, banks and transport to leisure facilities, public buildings and corporate offices.

With a strong history of innovation and reliability, Irisys became part of the Fluke Corporation in 2012. World famous for the safety, reliability and durability of their tools, Fluke is a global leader in test and measurement instruments.

Low Cost Thermal Arrays
Low cost thermal arrays
The heart of our original people counting sensors.
Supermarket shoppers
Happy shoppers
Our queue management solutions have improved shopper experience at leading supermarket chains.

Our origins

Founded in 1996 by a small group of scientists and engineers, Irisys pioneered automated people counting completely by accident.

Established around an exciting, novel and low-cost thermal sensor technology, Irisys were initially designing solutions for security and fire safety applications, however we quickly realized the underlying technology could be utilized in other sectors such as retail.

Here, our people counting sensors were widely used by our partners to collect retail analytics data and measure store performance. This quickly evolved to include the grocery market as supermarkets utilized Irisys technology to measure queue lengths and optimize customer service.

More recently, Irisys have expanded their sensor portfolio to include a highly accurate infrared time-of-flight device we call Vector 4D. Leveraging our years of experience, this device sets the gold standard for people counting accuracy and is a key component of our latest solution, an occupancy analytics platform for workplaces and corporate offices.

Constant innovation

Our commitment to pushing technological boundaries and our highly educated workforce ensure we stay ahead of the competition.

Like most engineering companies, we talk to our customers to identify the problems they are experiencing, and then develop solutions that help them overcome or resolve those issues.

But Irisys is a bit different, because we also invent things that no-one has thought of before.

No-one asked us to invent a people counting sensor.
No-one asked us to invent a queue management solution.

We saw an opportunity for our technology and asked our customers, if we could do this for you, would it help you?

It did, and now countless businesses around the world utilize our technology to measure and optimize their performance.

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