Vector 4D People Counter

The world's most advanced people counting device

Go beyond people & footfall counting

The Irisys Vector 4D is the most advanced people counter in the world. Specially designed for maximum performance and count accuracy, Vector 4D leverages our decades of people counting experience.

From basic people counting to multi-directional crowd and group counting, Vector 4D is suitable for even the busiest of locations.

Advanced features such as the unique staff detection capability and dwell time measuring, enable the Vector 4D to provide real behavioral intelligence in a range of scenarios from retail to smart buildings.

Take insights even further and connect multiple sensors together for open area or full store tracking. Truly understand how a space or store is used.

And it does all this anonymously, protecting the privacy of people counted!

Vector 4D features and capabilities

Unique staff detection capability

Measure employee performance and engagement with customers in a retail environment. Improve count accuracy by excluding employees, door staff or security teams.

Open area and full store tracking

Seamlessly connect multiple sensors together to cover large areas, wide openings or even entire stores. Truly understand a persons journey and how a space is used.


Advanced options enable the filtering of children from count data. Vector 4D uses anonymous depth sensing technology to accurately measure a persons height, this ensures privacy for those counted.

Measure display effectiveness

Measure the length of time people spend engaged with display and conduct A/B testing for insights.

BACnet/IP support

Integrate people count data directly with BMS and other building systems. Enable automatic control based on occupancy levels and people count data.

Learn more about BACnet/IP on Vector 4D

Unrivalled count accuracy

Reliable and consistent performance. Works in tough conditions. Unaffected by darkness, bright sunshine, reflective surfaces or patterned carpets.

Privacy protecting

Vector 4D uses advanced Time-of-Flight technology to count people. No-one is personally identifiable and no personal details are captured. The privacy of everyone counted is protected.

Security taken seriously

The Vector 4D sensor and the complete Irisys ecosystem is designed with security in mind and built following IoT industry best practices.

Supported by the Irisys Estate Manager

Fully compatiable with the Irisys Estate Manager - a suite of remote management tools that enable rapid deployment and cost efficient support and maintenance.

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Where can a Vector 4D people counter be used?

Retail stores

Optimise employee effectiveness

Ensure your staff levels meet demand. 

Put staff in the right place at the right time using automated call and attendance. 

Maximise staff efficiency.

Improve sales and conversions

Ensure sales opportunities are not missed.

Understand product display effectiveness by measuring customer dwell time.

Observe how staff interact with customers.

Measure queues at checkouts.

Have confidence in your data

Ensure your data is as accurate as possible.

Remove staff movements from counts with passive staff detection.

Filter children and adults using accurate height measurement.

Smart buildings and corporate real estate

Measure real-time occupancy levels

Enable social distancing and ensure compliance with capacity limits.

Improve sanitisation & cleaning scheduling.

Boost employee and occupant confidence.

Optimise space utilisation

Adapt to the “new normal”.

Reduce real estate costs.

Improve space planning and space management with reliable, accurate data.

Did you know ...

We use our Vector 4D people counting sensors as part of our smart building occupancy solution, True Occupancy.

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Tailgating detector

Did you know ... Vector 4D can be used as a tailgating detector

It's true! Vector 4D can be used as a real-time tailgating detector to prevent unauthorized access to your facility.

Using highly accurately people counting technology, it detects the number of people that enter through an access control system and raises an alarm when tailgating events are detected.

Other security modes such as “wrong-way” and “person-in-zone” detection, make the anti-tailgating functionality of the Vector 4D perfect for offices, government buildings, gyms, transport hubs and more.


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