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Vector 4D People Counter

The Irisys Vector 4D™ is the new, most advanced People Counter available in the world, bringing together the best technologies available into one package.

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Key Benefits of the Vector 4D People Counter

Time of Flight People Counting

Delivering highly accurate data, helping you to improve store conversion rates, staff scheduling and compare store performances.

Direct height measurement

Giving you the ability to understand demographics data about your visitors. 

Employee Identification

Employee Identification functionality allows you to remove your staff from retail analytics reports, and answers questions such as: how does employee movements influence conversion calculations, how do 'meeters' and 'greeters' influence footfall, and much more.

FIND OUT MORE: Employee Identification

Dwell time measurement

See how long visitors spend at given displays or in given areas, and help measure the effectiveness of your sales & marketing campaigns. 

Bluetooth & WiFi People Counting

With optional hardware modules

Future-proofed design

With a high-power processor and USB expansion port

Truly anonymous People Counting

Using a detector that collects no personally identifiable data.