Vector 4D People Counter

The world's most advanced people counting device

Staff detection, dwell monitoring ...

The Irisys Vector 4D is the most advanced people counter in the world with unrivaled count accuracy.

Impressive features such as passive staff detection, dwell time measuring and the ability to connect multiple units to cover wide openings enable this IoT device to help smart businesses go beyond people counting and optimise the customer experience.

And it does all this anonymously, protecting customer and staff privacy!


Vector 4D features

Staff Detection
Staff detection

Improve the accuracy and reliability of your data by removing staff from counts or count staff specifically


Measure the length of time people spend in defined areas. Useful to measure effectiveness of displays.

Multi Unit
Multi unit

Seamlessly connect multiple units together to cover large areas and wide openings



Privacy of customers and staff protected as neither are personally identifiable

Works in darkness

Unaffected by darkness, bright sunshine, reflective surfaces or patterned carpets


Count children and adults based on accurate height measurements with additional filter options available

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Have confidence in your data

Ensure your data is as accurate as possible.

Remove staff movements from counts with passive staff detection.

Filter children and adults using accurate height measurement.

Optimise employee effectiveness

Ensure your staff levels meet demand. 

Put staff in the right place at the right time using automated call and attendance. 

Maximise staff efficiency.

Improve sales and conversions

Ensure sales opportunities are not missed.

Understand product display effectiveness by measuring customer dwell time.

Observe how staff interact with customers.

Measure queues at checkouts.

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Vector 4D applications

Select an application to see how installing a people counting system can bring real benefits and ROI

See Vector 4D in action

Take a look at some of the many features of Vector 4D in action:

  • Staff detection
  • Staff Attendance call
  • Measure dwell
  • Connect multiple units
  • Accurate tracking
  • Works in darkness


Go Beyond People Counting Videos