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Our dedicated team of highly experienced and fully trained customer support and technical specialists are there for you.

With teams based in the UK and USA, we are able to provide extended coverage – giving you help when you need it.

We also have a range of other resources available to assist you, however the first point of call should always be the Irisys Partner Portal

Irisys partner portal

We have created a central place where you can access all our resources; from technical specifications to images for marketing purposes and everything in between. This is also where we have our e-learning training environment, making learning flexible and keeping your skills current, and an FAQ section as a first port of call for technical questions.

Irisys Partner Portal



Here you can find example code for accessing data from our people counting sensors via the API and MQTT protocols.


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Other support services

Technical bulletins

Regular technical bulletins are provided, keeping you up-to-date with crucial information, answering technical queries and giving you top tips to maximise the success of your people counting and queue management solutions.

Project support

Whether it is at the start of a project or at the point of installation for a proof of concept, technical support is available to conduct site surveys and help with the set-up of equipment. Ongoing support is also provided throughout a project to ensure its smooth running.

Thermal imaging support

Irisys has a proud heritage of supplying high quality thermal cameras and related instruments, and although these are no longer a part of our ongoing portfolio, we still offer documentation and software downloads for many of our legacy products through our partner portal.