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Debunking The Myths Of Time Of Flight People Counting

Posted by Tom Bell on Dec 16, 2021 9:56:45 AM

Time of Flight technology in people counting –– What is it, and how does it work? For someone who may not be too familiar with the concept, it may sound like the futuristic pursuit of a Tesla-esque organization. As pioneers in the development and application of Time of Flight sensors, Irisys can confirm that no member of our team bears the surname Musk. We are, however, a group of PhD-level innovators eager to share the benefits and many use-cases of this technology. This article will help you understand what Time of Flight people counting is and dispel some common myths around this subject. 


Leveraging People Counting Analytics For The New Workplace

Posted by Tom Bell on Nov 22, 2021 2:38:03 PM

Where companies were once reluctant or slow to adopt innovative building technologies, the past couple of years have accelerated the demand for deep insights and a better understanding of the built environment – particularly spaces where large groups of individuals gather to work, collaborate or study.


BACnet/IP Now Available on Vector 4D People Counter

Posted by Tom Bell on Jul 21, 2021 10:01:29 AM

Is Vector 4D the worlds first smart people counter with BACnet/IP support? Maybe. We certainly couldn’t find any as advanced when we looked!


Retail has re-opened: Are your customers’ new in-store expectations being met?

Posted by Tom Bell on Jun 10, 2021 2:44:02 PM

The retail industry has been going through some changes recently. With more and more people shopping online, the expectations of the in-store experience are somewhat higher. Retailers will want to know how to make better space optimization decisions to ensure that shoppers leave satisfied.


How to Use Social Distancing Sensors on Your Premise

Posted by Tom Bell on Oct 29, 2020 4:17:02 PM

2020 has made social distancing a new and crucial behaviour that all individuals must adopt in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, commercial and public sector building managers are looking for ways to control occupancy on site. 


Create Unique Occupancy Monitoring Solutions with IAdea Digital Signage and Irisys SafeCount™

Posted by Tom Bell on Oct 1, 2020 10:38:52 AM

As stores, restaurants, and public venues around the world reopen, raising and maintaining people's awareness of personal health practices like wearing masks, washing hands, minding social distancing, avoiding overcrowded spaces, and more, becomes vital in promoting a safe environment. Remotely manageable digital signage is perfect for businesses to share the latest health and store information in creative and informative ways.


What is a social distancing capacity calculator?

Posted by Tom Bell on Sep 10, 2020 12:06:32 PM

The Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing guidelines that followed have caused a problem for place and facilities managers of office buildings and public spaces. You might know the total capacity of your building in normal times, but what about when you need to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers?


Benefits of People Counter Technology in Manufacturing

Posted by Tom Bell on Aug 28, 2020 1:32:00 PM

The manufacturing sector, like many others, has been affected by the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the industry already adheres to stringent regulations and has largely been able to continue operating throughout the crisis, few have managed to keep functioning at full capacity. Industry leaders and employees have welcomed the easing of lockdowns and the prospect of a return to regular activity, but not without concern for the challenges that a post-pandemic world presents. Both employers and workers are now prioritising the following issues even more:


Using Occupancy Data to Re-engage Employees With the Workplace

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