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Time and Convenience Part III: How Grocery Shopping Changes with Each Generation

Posted by Lorie Fontaine Demski on Feb 7, 2019 5:13:54 PM

It’s not just the age of the shopper that’s changing

There is a lot of discussion about the new generation of shoppers, particularly the millennials who expect their in-store shopping experience to be comparable to their on-line experience.  The findings of FMI’s recently released ‘US Grocery Shopper Trends 2017’[1] further supports this trend and provides some additional insight.  The most significant of these insights is the comfort level millennials appear to have gained in just the past year shopping for groceries on-line.  In 2017, 43 percent of millennials said they shop for groceries on-line; that is compared to 28 percent in 2016.


Self-Service is a Customer Choice

Posted by Allen Haynes on Sep 19, 2018 2:08:35 PM

The concept of customers serving themselves is not new. The first bank ATM was installed as far back as 1967 in Enfield, North London, while deposit-only machines date back to the 30’s. You can now go on holiday without talking to anyone! Book over the internet, check-in online or at a kiosk, drop your bags off and head for security and the shops. Over time more and more daily tasks have been transformed to ‘self-service’. The retail environment was slow to catch-on, but is now making up for lost time. Most large retailers now offer self-service checkouts. Some offer ‘scan as you shop’ using hand scanners or even your own smartphone. Petrol forecourts now offer ‘pay at pump’ service.


Single vs. Multiple Queues – Which one is best for you?

Posted by Lorie Fontaine Demski on Jun 6, 2018 11:45:00 AM

There have been multiple studies comparing the efficiency of a using a single line (think of a bank queue) versus multiple lines (think of most grocery stores) for checkout. Simulations tend to make a variety of assumptions, such as cashier speed and arrival rates, and indicate a single queue is faster and more effectively utilizes the cashiers.  


6 Signs you Don't Have the Right Number of Staff

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Mar 9, 2018 2:30:03 PM

If there’s one thing that seriously impacts on the bottom line for retailers it’s staff scheduling. Too many staff can be a waste of resources and customers can feel overwhelmed and pursued.


4 Strategies for Ensuring You Have Enough Staff at Peak Times

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Mar 9, 2018 11:58:09 AM

A well staffed store delivers an exceptional customer experience and ensures that there are no obstacles to payment going through the checkouts.


What Common Factors Affect the Productivity of a Company?

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Feb 9, 2018 9:00:00 AM

In difficult economic times, businesses need to adapt to generate more output from existing resources. In real terms this means being able to switch up productivity to improve growth and profits without an increase in cost. Employees play a key role in enhancing the productivity of the business – they are the engine and the fuel when it comes to making progress and driving the vehicle of the company forward. But what factors do you need to bear in mind when it comes to making productivity improvements?


The Importance of Increasing Efficiency in Retail

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Feb 2, 2018 12:13:20 PM

There have been many warnings recently about the “death” of the British high street, as store visits fall, shops close and many retailers experience a drop in sales.


Why Maximising Operational Performance is More Important than Ever

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Jan 30, 2018 2:18:27 PM

If recent reports are to be believed, the high street has just 12 years left in terms of its survival. According to a ParcelHero Industry Report around half of the UK’s shop premises will disappear between 2020 and 2030. The cause? This is widely thought to be ecommerce, which the ParcelHero report says will be responsible for 40% of all UK retail sales by the year 2030. So, are all bricks and mortar stores doomed? No, not at all. What the ParcelHero report actually does is to highlight the need for retail stores to ramp up operational performance to compete more effectively.


How Can I Improve Operational Efficiency?

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Jan 25, 2018 2:53:05 PM

According to a study of digital industry strategies by Forrester Consulting, less than a third of retailers consider themselves able to achieve operational efficiency. This is despite the fact that a majority of retailers feel that operational efficiency is a factor of critical or high importance when it comes to business success. 


3 Ways You Can Achieve Higher Productivity in Retail

Posted by Jordan Britchford on Jan 2, 2018 11:30:12 AM

Productivity is the lifeblood of any business – the healthier the flow, the more can be achieved in terms of results. However, it’s also often the first thing to suffer when times are tight or economic conditions not exactly ideal.


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