University People Counting

Make your campus smart

By collecting accurate and reliable metrics about how your campus and buildings are being utilized, you have the potential to transform and optimize how it performs.

Our anonymous, non-camera based, people counting sensors measure how students and staff move around your real-estate and provide objective data for decision making, building automation and user experience improvements.

Do you need another lecture theatre? What rooms are under-utilized? What rooms and desks are available right now? A people counting and occupancy monitoring system can answer all of these questions and more.

University office occupancy monitoring

One solution, multiple uses

Energy and HVAC

Reduce operational costs and improve environmental impact.

Energy and HVAC

Space utilization

Optimize real estate through rightsizing. Improve strategic decision making.

Space utilization

User experience

Empower students & staff with a responsive smart campus. Attract and retain talent.

User experience

Return to campus

Enable a safe return to the campus for everyone with automated capacity controls.

Return to campus

Open areas & spaces

Measure the usage of flexible and non-defined areas for optimization and right-sizing.

Open areas & spaces

Portfolio rightsizing

Improve asset utilization, space rationalization, user productivity and experience.

Portfolio rightsizing

Restroom management

Understand usage trends for demand based cleaning, improve sanitization and safety.

Restroom management

Hoteling & desk management

Optimize desk space and improve user experience with live space availability.

Hoteling & desk management

Advanced people counting features

Vector 4D - Staff Detection

Staff detection and exclusion

Simple fabric lanyards can distinguish certain types of staff (eg cleaners & security), enabling them to be removed from occupancy counts for increased accuracy.

Vector 4D - Full Store Tracking

Open areas and wide entrances

Connect multiple sensors together for seamless tracking over large areas, wide entrances or even entire floorplates.

Vector 4D - Dwell

Dwell and heat maps

Measure how long building users spend in different areas and visualize movement trends with heat maps.

Vector 4D - Multi-Direction Counting

Multi-directional counting

Our industry leading people counting sensors detect the direction of movement and increment occupancy counts accordingly.

Vector 4D - Groups and Crowd Counting

Group and crowd counting

The AI on-board our advanced people counting sensor can easily handles large crowds and busy locations.

Content Card - 740x420 - Vector 4D - Child Filter

Child filter

Customizable height filters enable children to be anonymously detected and removed from count data for increased data accuracy.

Introducing True Occupancy

Our real-time occupancy monitoring and space utilization solution.

True Occupancy leverages our industry leading people counting sensors to provide accurate and reliable occupancy data for insights, decision making, building automation and optimizations.

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