20 for 20: Irisys Celebrates 20 years of Worldwide Partnerships

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Mar 25, 2016

Irisys, the world’s No. 1 supplier of people counting detectors and grocery queue intelligence systems, will celebrate our 20th anniversary Friday, April 15. With more than 145 partners, Irisys’ extensive network spans more than 100 countries and is the industry’s most sophisticated consortium of retail-technology providers.

Here is a snapshot of some of our most satisfied partners and end-users across our broad network:

Irisys queue intelligence systems have proven to improve customer service, increase customer retention and improve profitability through greater sales. Around the world, our partners agree:

“Customers have told us they do not like waiting in long lines. Based on that feedback, we developed a solution that has reduced the average amount of time a customer waits in line to check out to about 30 seconds today compared to around 4 minutes in the past. Our customers tell us they noticed the difference, and we are delivering a shopping experience that makes them want to return.” – Rodney McMullen, Kroger president and COO

“The cameras were a key factor in the Company’s half year pre-tax profits rocketing 10% to £1,092 billion. We monitor and manage the service customers get more precisely - by customer, by store and by minute. Thanks to this, a quarter of a million customers every week don’t have to queue.” – Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco Chief Executive

“Irisys technology will help us run our stores more efficiently and ensure that our customers won’t have to wait in long checkout lines.” – Robert Murphy, CIO of Foodland

“Ensuring we offer the best service at the checkouts is one of our core disciplines, and it is also one of our biggest challenges. Historically we have manually captured data on queue lengths at the checkout, but accuracy levels were varied. The system accurately captures our OIF performance in real time, allowing Front End Checkout Managers to deliver better levels of service, while at the same time optimizing the deployment of checkout staff.” – Attila Winstanley, Productivity Director, Tesco

“[The Irisys Queue Intelligence solution] works very well. It uses a very in-depth algorithm to determine how many people we have at a register now and how many we’ll need later.” – Kendra Doyal, Ralph’s

“The project that has had the most impact on our customers is the implementation of detectors to monitor checkout queues.” – Colin Cobain, IT Director, Tesco

“Nobody likes to wait in line. If we wanted to develop loyalty from our customers, we really had to respect their time and improve the checkout experience. There are 7 million shoppers at Kroger stores today - we’ll save them 25 million minutes today” – Marnette Perry, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations, Kroger

“Together, the people counters and checkout management sensors provide a comprehensive view of shopper traffic, which empowers store managers to make staff assignments more effectively and prevent wasting resources during slower shopping times.” – Robert Murphy, CIO of Foodland

“Surprisingly, the cost of staffing did not rise. Company officials had thought they would need – and were willing to pay for – more cashiers if it shaved customer wait time, but it turned out not to be necessary as the technology is so smart, it makes scheduling more efficient.” – Tesco Case Study

Irisys people counters have been installed in more than 350,000 locations worldwide. The sensors have enabled companies to transform their businesses while optimizing the customer experience. Gazelle 2, the latest solution from Irisys, combines the best technology available today to provide partners with the most robust people counter available.

“We are rolling out best-in-breed technologies, such as the Irisys thermal detection counters, to track, measure and monitor passenger service levels anonymously. The results will be fundamental in putting the passenger process at the heart of the airport’s operations. It is a key step in Dubai Airports’ goal of making Dubai International the world’s busiest and best international airport.” – Martin Bowman, sector director, Transport for Amor Group

“We choose to work with Irisys given that the quality and accuracy of their products is second to none, and because of their commitment to working in close partnership with us, which is essential to a good and productive working relationship. Their people counting system provides us with metrics that, when combined with other data sources such as sales, allows us to have a better understanding of our performance against our key performance indicators. We can then feed these metrics back to our brand partners, as part of an added-value service.” – Hubs Bakshi, Head of IT for the McArthurGlen Group

“Intelligence [from Irisys solutions] gives Network Rail further insight into its visitors’ preferences and an evidence-based approach to attract specific types of tenants to its stations.” – Network Rail Case Study

“Harley-Davidson is able to make more informed decisions based on real-time data; for example, the output from people counting is used to calculate conversion rates on the number of buyers, seasonal traffic patterns, differences between regions and dealer groups, helping them to understand how best to support their dealers to positively impact sales and share best practice.” – Harley-Davidson Case Study

“[Westfield Group’s] ability to count large volumes of people reliably and accurately was critical. Throughout 2012, Westfield's Stratford City shopping centre used Irisys people counting technology to capture and measure record numbers of visitors. It recorded 5.5 million visitors alone during the Olympics and a record breaking 47 million visitors for the year.” – Westfield Group Case Study

“Following implementation, measurable differences have been seen in scheduling and budget efficiency and possibly the most immediate noticeable benefit was the ability to identify top-selling employees, resulting in greatly streamlined operational processes, more efficient staff scheduling and better use of the staff budget. In turn this has led to increased customer satisfaction, a result highly valued by [Ipsos].” – Ipsos Retail Performance Case Study

“Nearly 200 Irisys thermal detection counters feed data via an Irisys communication and database application to Amor’s ChromaACDB. The ACDB displays vital information via operational dashboards accessible on any internet-enabled device, allowing decision makers to immediately address any concerns such as congestion, regardless of their location within the Dubai International Airport.” – Dubai International Airport Case Study

“By investing in Irisys’ people counting technology, Network Rail was able to analyse the footfall patterns across its stations, identifying new areas for retail opportunities and finding conclusive evidence that they are some of the most successful and competitive retail areas in the UK.” – Network Rail Case Study

“Harley-Davidson and its dealerships are now actively using people counting technology as a business tool to measure customer footfall and monitor key business metrics to establish the overall health of their sales and performance.” – Harley-Davidson Case Study

“By deploying over 1,700 advanced thermal sensors throughout the vast network of railway stations all across the UK, Network Rail was able to understand how its stations were being used, as well as other important data, such as overall footfall.” – Network Rail Case Study

“The improved level of data relating to the dealerships is allowing Harley-Davidson to make critical business decisions that solidify the bottom line, while keeping its loyal consumers returning time and time again.” – Harley-Davidson Case Study


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