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Predictive Occupancy Analytics Provide New Intelligence for Managing Comfort & Uncovering New Energy Saving Opportunities

Posted by Natasha Gingles on Apr 17, 2013 9:56:00 PM

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It’s no mystery to anyone in the facility management community that unoccupied rooms and inefficient building space utilization are the leading sources of wasted energy and higher operational costs.  Current building management systems have typically relied on maximum occupancy settings to maintain suitable space conditions.

Unfortunately, these usage assumptions are almost always wrong. To mitigate this error, building managers have employed a variety of products, such as motion sensors, CO2 sensors, and other low-tech solutions - with limited success.

But new and superior methods are emerging, such as occupancy level sensing and predictive building utilization analytics that can take building optimization to exciting new levels. In the near future, building utilization prediction will be achievable by modeling data obtained from accurate, cost-effective Irisys people-counting sensors. 

By deploying these sensors, HVAC and other building control systems can be modified as people counts fluctuate during the day and over time – because understanding the dynamics of utilization is central to the approach of truly smart energy and facility management.

Every building has occupancy patterns based on time-of-day, workflow, and the traffic patterns of individuals moving about it.  Irisys will soon empower managers by compiling this data and identifying   patterns that can be converted to meaningful analytics.  In that way, facility managers can strategically manage building layouts, space utilization, and overall footprints while improving building control capabilities and lowering energy use.

Today, Irisys is a world leader in helping retail companies identify traffic patterns and employs the analytics derived from these patterns to optimize customer experiences and facilitate incremental consumer purchases. 

Irisys understands the space utilization and traffic pattern data analysis that has been so valuable to retailers will be just as significant to the smart building community.  From discussions with leading solution providers, it is clear that new data and new insights are required to achieve the next level of facility and energy optimization.   

So what is the next level of building optimization?  Where are the next solutions going to come from?  If you talk to Irisys, the answer lies in new data.  If there are building utilization patterns and trends, the technology exists not only to collect that data, but to provide meaningful analysis that uncovers new opportunities in how buildings are managed.

Armed with new and powerful utilization intelligence, building operators can dramatically increase facility return on investment by driving down energy costs and enhancing building functionality.