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    People Counting Offers Smart Building Systems more Intelligent Utilization

    Posted by Brette Bennett on Mar 12, 2013 8:38:00 PM

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    Many of the world’s leading retailers use thermal counting devices to quantify how many people enter and exit their stores – and even to capture the analytics that make checkout lines shorter, faster, and more convenient for their customers.

    Counting devices can also play a crucial role when integrated into Smart Building technologies. Thermal sensors unobtrusively identify and count who enters and exits a building in real time while also learning how occupants use the building over time.

    The technology’s ability to “learn” is what drives a truly intelligent building.

    Key strategies and systems that optimize building utilization and reduce operating costs are designed around timely analytics that show “actual” usage – not anticipated, theorized, or potentially biased observations and assumptions.

    The thermal people counting system works day and night to monitor how people use a building at both macro and micro levels – meaning both the overall building and within individual zones that can be as specific as meeting rooms and work stations.

    The resulting analytics can paint a picture of occupant patterns that, when overlaid with standard building operation plans, uncover potentially wasted resources and money – from floors that are unnecessarily lit 24/7 to legacy HVAC schedules that don’t align with more current occupancy rates and usage trends. Increasing building energy efficiency helps reduce building energy usage – and makes your building more green and sustainable.

    Thermal people counters can be deployed as a stand-alone Smart Buildings solution, or it can be integrated into other Smart Building technologies.

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