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Irisys people counters lead the world, with over 500,000 units installed in some of the largest retailers in the world. Our range of sensors is suitable for almost any environment and can cope with a range of conditions.

Our sensors fit discreetly into the ceiling of your building, or can be fitted outside in weather-resistant housings, facing downwards and counting the people that pass underneath using thermal or infrared technology. Our high-performance algorithms allow you to count people accurately even in high-volume and low light areas.

Count data is stored on the device and it can be accessed remotely over an internet connection, either by using our Estate management and data collection tool or by your own application. You can also network multiple sensors, dividing up areas however you choose to evaluate their use in whatever level of detail you need.

Our customers audit our footfall counters at more than 99% accuracy.

The technology

how does people counting technology work

Our footfall sensors are designed to anonymously detect people passing underneath them. Gazelle utilises thermal technology to do this, and Vector 4D uses infrared time of flight.

The Vector 4D people counter is our latest product and it has advanced functionality that gives it an industry leading accuracy in excess of 99%. It can also measure dwell time and detect staff members, which allows it to capture new data points for retail analytics and footfall analysis

With no calibration or scene-specific setup requirements (apart from setting up the count lines desired), units function as soon as they are mounted, making for very rapid and low cost installations. Units can be used as single counters in doorways or linked to cover larger openings or wide areas. Here, our footfall counters are intelligently linked to prevent cross-counting.


Ownership and operation

If privacy is a concern, either for a specific application or because of local regulations, our thermal-only detectors provide an ideal way of anonymously counting people.

Our footfall counting systems also have a low cost of ownership, using 80% less energy than video based systems. With a MTBF of over 25 years and camera lenses unaffected by dirt or dust, the costs of maintenance and support are also very low. And because we manufacture all of our products in-house and keep stock of our products readily available, you can be sure of consistent high quality and short lead times when you place your order.