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Retail Store Customer Counting

Calzedonia makes customer counting an integral part of its KPI strategy

Calzedonia, Italian beachwear and lingerie retailer has over 2,500 stores worldwide, mainly in Europe, who worked with Irisys partner Experian FootFall to improve the People Counting systems throughout their retail network.

After a rigorous selection process, Irisys systems were selected to be installed in all 2,500 stores, and delivered substantial business benefits.

Business Issue

Calzedonia’s sales are through one-brand stores managed either directly as franchises, or by distributors. Its success is the result of a number of factors among which is its close adherence to operational efficiency and analytics to underpin business decisions.

Already a user of people counting technology, Calzedonia undertook a re-tendering exercise to ensure it was utilising the technology that best met its exacting requirements.


The appointment of Experian FootFall, a longstanding strategic partner of Irisys, followed a rigorous selection process in which a number of competing systems were installed in three branches of Calzedonia. During the trial the Company’s existing customer counting technology was also in place, enabling the business to make a clear like-for-like comparison.

Experian FootFall’s solution was assessed as providing the most accurate counting technology, supported by a high service level and knowledge.

An integral part of the enabling technology is delivered by Irisys passive infrared sensors, which are at the heart of customer flow intelligence systems currently installed in many thousands of shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, transport hubs, theatres and museums around the world.

The system was installed in Calzedonia's flagship store in Verona, as well as a further 34 branches throughout Italy.

Once in place the technology was again put through its paces to see how it would respond to different store layouts and customer behaviour.

The success of this exercise resulted in Experian Footfall supplying a further 540 stores in Italy, a pre-order for 900 additional branches and an agreement to supply all of Calzedonia’s 2,500 European stores. to track conversion rates from in-store events.

Business Benefits

Calzedonia explained:

Customer counting is an integral part of our KPI strategy. We have invested considerable time and energy in identifying a partner with the right combination of technology, consultancy and international reach, whose product can be fully customized and integrated with our existing systems.

Experian FootFall’s software transmits data to the checkout in real time enabling the store manager to monitor conversion rates and other important KPIs instantaneously.

In addition, every evening the day’s trading information is relayed back to head office for analysis. This enables us to have a constant picture of how the business is performing and where changes need to be made.

- Calzedonia Spokesperson

Calzedonia has a fundamental understanding of the benefits that customer counting can deliver to its bottom line, enabling the business to strengthen its consumer offering globally, through detailed, accurate and applicable customer analytics.

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About the project

Industry sector: Retail

Geography: Italy

Service solution: People counting sensors

Project size: 2,500 stores

Strategic partner: Experian Footfall

About Calzedonia: Italian beachwear, hosiery and lingerie giant, Calzedonia Group was founded in 1986 with the aim of creating a new way of selling hosiery and beachwear for women, men and children, through a franchising sales network. Calzedonia now boasts more than 2,500 shops, located mainly throughout Europe.

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