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Harley-Davidson rides a big problem with Irisys people counting solution

World-renowned motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson realised that they needed a real-time overview of performance at their dealership network, as part of a drive to reduce costs and improve revenues. They identified difficulties in making evidence-based decisions, and realised they needed a powerful retail analytics platform to change this.

Working with Irisys, they now have the tools and systems they need to measure customer footfall and monitor key business metrics to establish the overall health of sales and performance. Installed at over 200 stores, each of which is individually owned and operated, the system is contributing positively towards Harley-Davidson’s ongoing business strategy.

Business Issue

Harley-Davidson constantly reviews what it needs to do to reduce costs and make things more efficient, streamlined and scalable. People counting technology is an extension of this kind of thinking and part of the solution.

Harley-Davidson realized it was difficult to make informed decisions and required a tool that would have the capabilities to provide a more accurate, real-time view of how its dealership network was performing.


Harley-Davidson initiated contact with expert people counting system and solution provider Traf-Sys, an established partner of Irisys.

Due to the dealers being independently owned, there was no standardisation of the size and configuration of each dealership retail outlet, meaning each dealership deployment required a custom installation.

Additionally, dealerships used separate computer networks, which made sharing and collecting data complicated and difficult to analyse.

The highly customisable Traf-Sys and Irisys offering however, enabled the successful deployment of the technology into most of its major dealerships.

Business Benefits

Harley-Davidson and its dealerships are now actively using people counting technology as a business tool to measure customer footfall and monitor key business metrics to establish the overall health of their sales and performance.

Harley-Davidson is able to make more informed decisions based on real-time data; for example, the output from people counting is used to calculate conversion rates on the number of buyers, seasonal traffic patterns, differences between regions and dealer groups, helping them to understand how best to support their dealers to positively impact sales and share best practice.

Individual dealerships can implement better staff management through visibility of customer traffic patterns, event attendance and seasonal impact, correlating this with staffing levels to ensure the best possible customer service.

Management can place high performing staff members on the floor during times of heavy customer traffic, while scheduling trainees during low traffic times. Individual dealers are also able to track conversion rates from in-store events.

The improved level of data relating to the dealerships is allowing Harley-Davidson to make critical business decisions that solidify the bottom line, while keeping its loyal consumers returning time and time again.

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About the project

Industry sector: Retail

Geography: USA

Service solution: People counting sensors

Project size: 250 stores

Strategic partner: Traf-Sys

About Harley-Davidson: The iconic Harley-Davidson Motor Company is the only major US based motorcycle manufacturer that produces heavyweight motorcycles offering a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories apparel and general merchandise.

By taking the love of “Hogs” to the open road, Harley-Davidson has transformed itself into a lifestyle brand of loyal consumers. Each of its worldwide network of dealerships is individually owned and operated under the support of the parent company of Harley-Davidson, Inc.

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