Insights From 20 Years of Retail Space Optimization

The highly competitive world of retail has been using technology to optimize their physical stores for decades. From measuring customer traffic and occupancy numbers for performance metrics, to optimizing staffing, to journey mapping and measuring engagement – retailers have pioneered the way in terms of understanding how their physical spaces are used.

In this webinar, we will draw on our experience of working with global retail leaders (Kroger, Tesco, and others) and we will discuss why retailers wanted these insights and this knowledge. We will draw parallels with the world of CRE and Universities, and show that by considering an employee or a student as a “customer”, the same principles and technology can be leveraged, and the pitfalls of the past avoided.

We will close the webinar with examples of where these techniques and technology are, and can be, utilized in the world of CRE and Universities, and discuss their drivers for adoption.

Key takeaways

  • How the retail sector has been using foot traffic and occupancy data for the past two decades
  • Understand the techniques and technology available to measure foot traffic and occupancy
  • The pitfalls to be avoided when measuring people movement
  • How CRE and Universities can leverage these techniques and technology

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