Retail store occupancy monitoring

Counting customers and protecting safety with SafeCount™

Re-open your retail store with a SafeCount solution

Safely reopen your retail store with a SafeCount occupancy monitoring solution and ensure your store is adhering to occupancy restrictions and allows the space needed for customers to social distance.

SafeCount provides real-time occupancy data (often called footfall, people counting or capacity monitoring) and visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded. The easy-to-install sensors are mounted above all entrances and exits to count people as the enter and exit your store. Fully customizable, SafeCount can be used with customer-facing displays, traffic lights and audio alerts to notify them if it’s safe to enter.

SafeCount uses the most accurate people counting sensors on the market. Manage one or multiple stores all from your smart device like a tablet. A cost-effective way to ensure stores are adhering to occupancy restrictions or regulations.

SafeCount - Solution Overview

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The Markets at Anacortes chose a SafeCount occupancy monitoring system to protect customer and staff safety within the store.

"Spot on accurate. Very simple to use"

Describing it as "a perfect solution" for them, CEO Kevin Weatherill, praises the accuracy and simplicity of the system, and reveals that the occupancy data captured is providing benefits and insights in other areas.

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Brands that have deployed Irisys people counting solutions


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Westfield logo"Westfield Stratford counts a record breaking 47 million visitors. Europe’s largest urban shopping center used Irisys’s people counting technology to detect the activities for 250 shops, 70 bars, and restaurants, a cinema, a blowing alley and a casino."

- Westfield Shopping Centre case study

Harley Davidson logo"The improved level of data relating to the dealerships is allowing Harley-Davidson to make critical business decisions that solidify the bottom line, while keeping its loyal consumers returning time and time again."

Harley Davidson case study

People counting in a post-COVID world

People counting or occupancy monitoring provides long term value to retailers in a post-COVID world. Get accurate data on peak hours for staffing, customer behavior, visit-to-purchase conversion rates, average purchase amount and analyze each location’s performance against traffic.

Occupancy monitoring enables retailers to make important decisions based on accurate customer count. For everything from measuring business performance to responding to a crisis – real-time information about how many customers are in your store is extremely important.

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Benefits of people counting in retail stores

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 black-small  Retail analytics - data driven intelligence

SafeCount™ can be used to count people as they enter and exit through different entrances, across or into different areas of a building. Retailers can use this to measure and optimize conversion rates, make data-driven decisions on merchandising layout and staff scheduling.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 black-small  Improve the customer experience

Knowing the patterns of customer demand in your stores, including peak hours, allows retailers to more accurately schedule your staff and maintenance services to meet customer needs. Make a data-drive decision on when to have staff clean the store, when to fully staff the checkout counter, service the washrooms and when it’s slow enough for maintenance to perform their work. Save costs and create a better experience for customers and staff by using SafeCount™ to make these decisions.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 black-small  Understand your customers

Data from Irisys people counting systems reveal just how many people visit a store, how many convert into customers, their average purchase price per customer, and help identify areas of the store with high or low footfall/traffic.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 black-small  Get a consistent measure of customer engagement

Delivering real-time occupancy data throughout the storeSafeCount™ can give retaiers an accurate assessment of the footfall/traffic across your whole store portfolio, and show which stores are making the most of their opportunities.

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How SafeCount works

SafeCount uses highly accurate people counting sensors to count people as they enter and exit a building or a room.

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