An 'out of the box' occupancy counting and
occupancy monitoring solution

Do you need to comply with building occupancy restrictions and limits?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many Governments around the world are putting restrictions and limits on the number of people that can gather in one place, such as a supermarkets, shops, pharmacies or public facilities.

These measures are designed to keep everyone safe and ensure people have enough room to distance themselves from other people nearby.

But how can you ensure you comply with occupancy limits?

SafeCount is the answer.

Using our highly accurate Vector 4D people counting sensor and our experience of occupancy monitoring in smart buildings, we have rapidly developed our SafeCount occupancy monitoring solution to help businesses and organisations keep their customers, visitors and staff safe.

SafeCount   SafeCountPlus


SafeCount - occupancy counting dashboard on tablet

Why SafeCount?

High accuracy
Unrivalled person detection accuracy in excess of 99%, even in bright sunshine and total darkness.
Privacy protecting
SafeCount protects the privacy and anonymity of customers and building users. SafeCount uses anonymous sensing technology and does not require cameras or video to work accurately.
Staff detection
Advanced functionality can make occupancy data more accurate by removing staff members from the occupancy count.
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An occupancy counting and monitoring solution for small buildings that delivers live occupancy data with visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded. Designed for buildings with one entrance/exit, SafeCount includes everything you need to start collecting live occupancy data. Occupancy data can be downloaded for record keeping, auditing and compliance purposes.


  • Live, highly accurate, occupancy data
  • Visual warnings and alerts - with customisable occupancy limits
  • Fast and easy, self-install solution
  • Staff exclusion option
  • One entrance/exit – up to 4.5m wide



SafeCount - occupancy counting dashboard on tablet



SafeCount - occupancy counting dashboard on mobiles


An occupancy counting and monitoring solution for larger buildings with multiple or wide entrances/exits. SafeCountPlus has all the features of SafeCount, however SafeCountPlus extends this further with the addition of cloud based data collection and support for buildings with wide or more than one entrance/exit.


  • All as per SafeCount
  • Multiple or wide entrances/exits
  • Subscription to Irisys’ True Occupancy cloud platform
    • Live occupancy dashboards
    • Custom reporting for audit and compliance purposes
    • Collect and review data from multiple buildings and locations
  • Remote support and setup available


Learn how SafeCount collects live occupancy data HOW SAFECOUNT WORKS

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How SafeCount Works

SafeCount uses Irisys Vector 4D people counting sensors to accurately and anonymously count people as they enter and exit a building. These sensors are discreetly installed on ceilings, above doorways or entrances/exits.

Did you know? Vector 4D has a proven counting accuracy of >99% 

Data can be accessed locally via any WiFi enabled device (SafeCount) or remotely via any internet connected device and the Irisys True Occupancy cloud platform (SafeCountPlus).

SafeCount occupancy counting in four simple steps:

  1. Install Vector 4D above entrance/exit

  2. Configure count lines and connect sensor to WiFi access point

  3. Count customers and visitors accurately and anonymously

  4. View live occupancy data


SafeCount - How live occupancy counting works

SafeCount FAQs

What is included in the SafeCount and SafeCountPlus solutions?

  • SafeCount includes: Installation instructions, Vector 4D sensor and WiFi access point (*).
  • SafeCountPlus - pack contents will vary by customer and individual requirements. Will include a subscription to Irisys' True Occupancy cloud platform, installation instructions and a combination of Vector 4D sensor(s) and WiFi access point(s) (*) as required.

(*) WiFi access point may be subject to regional variations. For details, please contact us.

What type of buildings can SafeCount and SafeCountPlus be used to monitor occupancy in?

  • SafeCount and SafeCountPlus can be used in any type of building to monitor occupancy. Based on current Government advice from around the world we have designed the solution to meet the occupancy measuring needs for buildings that need to stay open during the COVID-19 crisis. These buildings include (but are not limited to) supermarkets, retail stores, public buildings, offices, banks and pharmacies.

What languages does SafeCount and SafeCountPlus support?

  • Both SafeCount and SafeCountPlus have built in multi-language support.
  • We are currently working on translations for other languages and this list will be updated.
  • If you would like to help translate SafeCount to your local language, please contact us.

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