Gazelle 2 Thermal People Counter

Anonymous counting of people using body heat

Please note, Gazelle 2 has been discontinued and replaced by Vector 4D DISCOVER VECTOR 4D

Thermal people counting:
reliable and truly anonymous

The Gazelle 2 is the latest update to the popular Gazelle range of Irisys thermal people counters.

Boasting more benefits than ever before, the device uses body heat to track the presence of people and direction of movement.

With a proven accuracy of over 98%, it can generate valuable analytics data for many end users as it has applications in retail people counting, train station passenger counting and even counting people outdoors.


Gazelle 2 features


Privacy of customers protected as no personally identifiable information captured

Works in darkness

Unaffected by darkness, bright sunshine, reflective surfaces or patterned carpets

Indoor outdoor
Use indoors or outdoors

An optional outdoor housing enables this device to be mounted virtually anywhere


Multi Unit
Multi unit

Seamlessly connect multiple units together to cover large areas and wide openings

Field of View
Wide angle lens

Fewer devices required to cover large areas and wide openings

Reliable and low cost of ownership

Low failure rate backed by a long warranty, plus remote management makes maintenance simple

Gazelle 2 applications

Select an application to see how installing a people counting system can bring real benefits and ROI

Need more features? Check out Vector 4D

Vector 4D is the latest people counter from Irisys. With an all new feature set and increased accuracy, the Vector 4D is the most advanced people counter in the world. New features include:

     Staff detection

     Dwell time monitoring

     Automated staff call and attend

See how Vector 4D can take you beyond people counting and optimise the customer experience.