People Counting in Train Stations
and Airports

How does people counting benefit train stations and airports?

Airports, train stations and other transport hubs are some of the busiest places in the modern world, so you need the best and most accurate technology available in order to operate effectively.

Data from Irisys' advanced people counting sensors give transport hub operators a powerful tool for daily management, future planning and making sure everything runs as efficiently as possible whilst providing a high level of customer satisfaction for travellers.

Unique insights can also be gained by analysing footfall data. For example, UK railway operator, Network Rail, discovered that due to the mix of restaurants and shops at many of their stations, they had become destinations themselves. People who weren't travelling were visiting, highlighting the importance and value of retail and food outlets in these environments. Read more about the findings in the Network Rail case study.

People Counting Application - Airports and Train Stations

Benefits and ROI

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackMonitor passenger traffic flow

Queues are the bane of travellers' lives. In an increasingly competitive industry, people will often choose one airport or train station over another because of a better customer experience.

With large-scale movements of people in your facility throughout the day, it is vital you can identify areas of congestion to ensure passenger flow is not disrupted. With privacy protecting sensors that preserve anonymity for everyone that passes by them, you can implement Irisys’ systems discretely and effectively.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackIdentify and manage in real-time

Delivering real-time information on passenger numbers and movement throughout your facility, our people counting systems can give you detailed insight for planning staff deployment and scheduling, identifying and predicting passenger congestion, and where to place essential services such as passenger information and ticket sales.

Facilities can be divided into specific zones or rooms e.g. arrivals, departures, security, retail - for easy and fast comparison.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackMaximise the value of your real-estate

The rent from retail partners within transport hubs is a valuable source of revenue and one that you can make the most of using good business intelligence.

Irisys people counters can highlight the most popular routes or those with the highest footfall, helping you to set realistic rental values for retail tenants.

Footfall data also helps plan investment in new retail or food outlets, highlighting optimum positions based on passenger traffic and giving you objective data for ROI calculations.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackAssign staff deployment based on demand

By measuring the usage of different areas of your transport hub - such as information points, ticket sales and washrooms, you can create staff schedules that accurately reflect the demands of passengers.

This reduces the time your staff spend where they aren’t required and enables you to re-deploy them to where they are required, to make cost savings and to create a better experience for passengers and other airport visitors.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackBuild relationships with your retail partners

The information generated by Irisys people counting systems helps station operators to pass on useful data to their retail partners, fostering stronger co-operation for mutual benefit.

By helping your retail partners with setting and measuring KPIs such as customer conversion rates, you can increase their successes and by doing so increase the value of your retail space.

See how you can go beyond people counting DOWNLOAD VECTOR 4D BROCHURE

Vector 4D people counter

Vector 4D - front - smallThe most advanced, anonymous people counter in the world with unrivaled count accuracy.

Impressive features such as staff detection, dwell time measuring and the ability to connect multiple units to cover wide openings enable this IoT device to help smart retailers go beyond people counting and optimise their customer experience.


Irisys’ people counting technology has found, on average, more than 1 billion people utilise Network Rail stations annually. The solution also reveals tens of millions of people visit Network Rail stations annually to shop, eat and drink, in addition to those who travel by rail.
Network Rail Case Study