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Reliable data

Museums and other public institutions that rely on government grants and charitable donations for all, or large parts of their funding, need to be able to accurately judge their footfall. Without evidence provided by people counting solutions, rough estimates of visitors might be the only evidence you have to secure appropriate levels of funds, and you risk seriously underestimating your own popularity.

Footfall counting solutions offer an objective source of reliable data that you can use to study the attraction of your institution, from a number of perspectives. You can:
  • Find the most popular times for visitors, helping you to deploy staff more effectively
  • Identify the most popular exhibits, informing your future plans
  • Analyse the movement of people in the building and find where the best opportunities for retail and new attractions are
  • Intelligently schedule maintenance based on the demand in given areas

These, and other benefits brought by a real-time people counting system mean that you can make direct cost savings by deploying staff only where and when they are needed, identify new opportunities for bringing in revenue and create a better environment for your visitors, encouraging even more visits.