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    We Count on Partners Like: Pogen

    Organisation Overview

    Founded:       2007
    Headquarters:   Monterey, Mexico
    CEO:   Mauricio Navarro Garza
    Summary:   Pogen offers People Counting solutions for shopping malls, retail, banks and others
    Irisys Partner:   Since 2008

    Partner Profile

    It has only been in business since 2007, but Pogen has quickly become the most trusted source for accurate people counting solutions and traffic data among Mexico’s shopping malls, retail and other sectors. Just recently, Pogen, a carefully selected member of the Irisys Synergy Partner Network, received a Partner Achievement Award for outstanding performance in 2014 across sales, product innovation and service – one of only five partners globally to make this accomplishment.


    At its onset, Pogen focused primarily on serving the hundreds of shopping malls that span across Mexico. Because the malls were already built, costly cable installations were not an option, says Pogen CEO Mauricio Navarro. He needed a wireless People Counting device that was not just accurate and reliable – but one that used wireless technology to integrate seamlessly with Pogen’s robust analytics solution. 


    After experiencing significant success with shopping malls, Pogen eventually expanded its reach to include retail stores, banks and other industries – and has installed thousands of devices across the country.


    “We have had a fantastic experience working with Irisys,” says Mr. Navarro. “The quality and accuracy of its devices is unrivaled. And Irisys’ service is second to none. If we need technical assistance or have a question, we have a response right away. We are proud to be part of the Irisys Partner network and truly appreciate their support of our business and of the Mexican market.”


    With more than 175 partners spanning more than 90 countries, Irisys maintains the world’s largest, most sophisticated network of retail-technology providers within the People Counting market. Its consortium continues to grow across Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Click here for more information about the Irisys Synergy Partner Network.