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    Reduce your carbon footprint and your bills!

    smart buildings save money

    All the benefits delivered by Irisys Smart Building Technology can generate significant cost savings for your organisation, as well as delivering other benefits that help you improve the way you manage your facility and create a productive, efficient environment. 

    Remember, the more you save on bills, the more you have to invest and grow your business - and you will help save the environment!


    • Assess your space utilisation requirements – see where you can use space more efficiently, saving money on heating and lighting expenses.

    • Measure traffic throughout your facility, from large zones down to individual rooms – understand how much space you really require and maximise utilisation by adapting to occupant behaviour.

    • Create cleaning and maintenance schedules that more accurately reflect your requirements – see where you need to deploy your staff.

    • Waste less energy, minimise the running costs of your building and contribute towards your sustainability strategy at the same time.