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Since we brought our revolutionary people counting technology to the smart building sector, Irisys hardware has powered some amazing projects and helped organisations all over the world to improve their space utilisation, reduce their carbon footprint and optimise their workplaces.

Smart building technology is one of those things that works best when you don’t even notice it. Without a smart building system in place, you risk waste on unneeded heating and lighting, deploying staff when they would be better utilised somewhere else, and not aligning the opening times within your facility with demand.

Read through our smart building case studies and white papers to see how our occupancy solutions could benefit your organisation.


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Discover how Irisys can help smart companies make smart decisions about workplace utilisation and management through highly accurate occupancy data.


Case Study - National Grid

National Grid, UK

UK utility company National Grid worked with Irisys to implement a Smart Building system to understand how their estate was being used - and found they could drive significant savings.

Case Study - University of Technology, Sydney

University of Technology, Sydney

Irisys and partner Axiomatic Technology deployed an innovative space management system at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, generating savings of over AU$5 million.

Case Study - Canadian University

Canadian University

Irisys worked with local partner, Feedback Solutions, to implement a system that focused on space management and how this could be used to reduce utility bills and improve building usage.

White Paper - Buildings

HVAC Systems and Smart Buildings

HVAC systems represent one of the largest single costs of building management. See how you can use Smart Building technology to understand how to get the best out of your system to minimise waste and expense.

White Paper - Magnifying Glass

Irisys Technology Adds Intelligence to Smart Buildings

Explore what is meant by 'Smart Building' and see how Irisys sensors can make buildings more intelligent. Gain insights on optimising building utilisation, predictive management and control of energy requirements.


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