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Informed and objective business decisions

By using an Irisys smart building occupancy system to analyse the way your building is utilised, you can make informed and objective business decisions.

Waste less energy, minimise the running costs of your building and contribute towards your sustainability strategy at the same time. Spot trends and patterns, anticipate your workplace needs and make sure you provide a pleasant environment for everyone in your facility.

Smart Building - Benefits

Improve space utilisation

Do you know where the occupants of your building are at any given time? This is a difficult question to answer, but without knowing you can’t utilise your space effectively.

Office and real estate costs are a huge burden on businesses. Irisys’ occupancy counting technology gives you valuable insights that can help you to understand how your buildings are used and to ask the right questions to make improvements.

Do you use all your space at one time? Could you consolidate space to save money, or employ more staff without having to expand the building?

Better understand the working patterns of your employees. Find out how to create scheduling that works for everyone, including flexible workers.

See where your staff are actually needed. Find out where your building is being used, where it isn’t, and use this information to organize your cleaning and maintenance more efficiently.


Optimise the workplace

For most organisations, the two largest costs are people and premises. Happy and satisfied employees are more productive employees and there is a strong relationship between employee happiness and the workplace environment.

Smart buildings can provide and enable environments that are satisfying for end users and engage them to work smarter and be more productive. They help attract the best talent to your organisation and enable you to meet their flexible working preferences.

Measure real time traffic throughout your facility, from large zones down to individual rooms and understand how much space you really require whilst maximising utilisation by adapting to occupant behaviour.


Smart Building - Benefits - Optimise

Reduce energy consumption

Heating and lighting costs are a large proportion of the overall costs for running any building – so eliminating any wastage is key. Not only does this have the advantage of reducing costs, it also helps protect the environment and supports corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices.

By understanding how your building is utilised, heating and lighting could be used more efficiently. Real time building occupancy data from Irisys sensors can be integrated with your existing HVAC system for completely automated savings.

Support your CSR practices by using your heating, lighting and other resources as efficiently as possible to reduce your carbon footprint and help you to develop more sustainable working practices.



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