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irisys smart building technology

Building utilisation monitoring isn’t just for offices, it’s really for any organisation that uses lots of real-estate and needs to understand how it can control costs, and make the best use possible of its space. When you have a large estate, maybe thousands of people coming and going all at different times, knowing exactly how many desks are needed in offices, how many seats are needed in meeting rooms, when to turn on the heating and lighting, all makes for a very complicated challenge.

With a smart building system you will have an objective source of data to monitor the use patterns of your buildings for every day of the year, giving you a chance to observe the changing patterns of space utilisation throughout the year, for example, the different demand for HVAC systems across summer and winter months, allowing you to use these in response to the actual demand in the building and not simply an estimate.

An accurate picture of the real demand for space in your facilities can mean huge operational savings, not just in day to day spend and maintenance, but also where you have opportunities for expansion, where you are currently under-utilising the resources that you own and how to make efficiency savings.

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