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    How do Smart Buildings work?

    how do smart buildings workHow can Irisys deliver you real-time intelligence about your facility, and how can your occupants make use of it? By deploying a network of highly advanced thermal cameras and sensors throughout your building at entrances, exits and at other locations, our unobtrusive instruments can collect data automatically, all feeding into a central computer system.

    Allowing you to see a range of options, from the whole facility to specific zones or even individual rooms, you can analyse usage over time to identify trends, or get an update of live data.

    • Help your systems adapt to fluctuating occupancy levels

    • Align building use to energy demand

    • Reduce operating costs

    Working with highly reliable thermal instruments gives several advantages:

    • Individual identities are indistinguishable, protecting the privacy of your staff and visitors

    • Even in areas of low light conditions the system has no difficulties detecting people

    • Low energy consumption

    • Largely unaffected by dirt or dust

    • MTBF > 25 years