Improved Space Utilisation at University


One of Australia's leading higher education institutions, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has a heritage going back over 120 years.

Facing difficult questions about how their estate was being used, they turned to Axiomatic Technology and their local partner TPS to install an innovative room monitoring system based on world-leading Irisys hardware.

When senior mangamgent planned to build a new large lecture theatre, the facilities management team were able to use data from their system to prove adequate capacity already existed. This one decision saved around $5 million

Download the case study now to find out more about why Irisys' products were chosen this project, the business issues that UTS wanted to overcome and the many benefits they received from this project. 

Inform future space requirements

Reduce energy consumption

After a successful proof of concept trial, UTS quickly realised the depth of data possible and wanted answers to more complex questions. Read the case study to discover what these were and how these questions were answered.