Canadian University Smart Building

Irisys technology improves space utilisation at Canadian University

Irisys deployed our Smart Buildings solution to a top Canadian university through our local partner, Feedback Solutions, to give them the data they needed to improve their space utilisation and make big savings on their utility bills.

"We're always looking at our operations' efficiencies. We have over 18 million sqft of buildings which adds up to a fairly large annual energy bill. If we can save 2% to 3% of that, it's a significant amount of money."
University Associate Director of Operations

Download the case study now to read about why the University chose Irisys products to meet their business needs of understanding when and how many people use rooms in real time; and to leverage this data in the expansion of their environmental sustainability strategies.

Room heating and ventilation based on actual usage
Improved scheduling of building upgrades, maintenance and cleaning

When asked why the University had adopted people counting technology, the University Associate Director of Operations stated, "We needed to understand the real time usage of our facilities, and we were intrigued with how the retail industry had leveraged the people counting technology".

Read the case study to find out how this technology was deployed in to a Canadian University smart building.