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Intelligent access control Security

Access control systems allow entry to specific areas to be regulated - usually by an individual swiping a card or electronic key to gain access via a turnstile or door. Irisys’ high accuracy thermal imaging technology detects individuals by their body heat – adding an extra layer of intelligent security.


Tailgating is easy

Most access control systems cannot control the number of people who enter the secure premises - seriously weakening the integrity of the system. When authorised personnel enter through an access control point, it is easy for a person without a card/key to follow them inside. This is known as tailgating.

Keeping access secure

  • Banks

  • Gyms and leisure facilities

  • Defence and government buildings

  • Airports and ports

  • Computer and data centres

  • Office buildings

  • Cleanrooms and high security rooms

  • Schools, universities and colleges

  • Hotels and accommodation blocks

  • Airports

Increasing Security at access controlled doors

tailgate security


Thermal sensors receive a signal from the access control system for every card/key holder accepted at an access control point; this is then compared with the number of people entering with valid cards. If a person tries to gain access without presenting a valid card/key, a tailgate alarm is raised.


Enhanced Security means better control

Benefits of access control tailgate detection:

  • Increased security at access control points

  • Detection of unauthorised entry

  • Enforces the use of a valid card/key

  • Monitors compliance with access control policies

  • Improves roll call accuracy by providing information on number of card holder entries