How to Buy a Queue Management System

Whether you are interested in arranging a demonstration, setting up a pilot project or simply want to find out more about an Irisys queue management system, the first step is to contact us using the form below.

We can show you a working example of a queue management system, demonstrating what can be achieved and giving you a real-time showcase of the possibilities. 

Irisys can work with you to start a pilot scheme so you can build your confidence with our technology and see the benefits for yourself. Low cost and low risk, a pilot gives you a chance to see the transformative power of a queue management system within your own store.

Our queue management solution has the power to transform your organisation. Start gathering data and using it to improve your business – don’t be left behind!

People Counting Application - Supermarkets

5-step implementation process to get you up and running

Demo demo

Have one of our experts take you through Irisys’ queue management solutions. 
Learn how the technology works, what a working example looks like and what it can deliver. Explore what features would be best tailored to help your business achieve its goals.

Onsite Assessment onsite assessment
Onsite Assessment
Once you like the look of the solution, have an expert arrange an onsite requirement assessment to gain a better understanding of the exact solution you will need.
Pilot Project pilot project
Pilot Project
Once the right solution has been chosen we’ll work with you to conduct a pilot project and show you how the solution works in your own store with a low cost, low-risk investment.
Roll out roll out
Roll out
Impressed by the power of our people counting technology and with the results from the pilot project, we can help you scale this up and roll out across your entire operation.
Support support
Our support doesn't stop once your queue management solution is up and running. Our fully trained customer support team and technical specialists are on hand to provide assistance on an ongoing basis.

What requirements to consider when tailoring your solution 

Your goal, whether that's to improve customer service, reduce wait time, improve staff efficiency or optimise staffing costs, will play a big part in identifying the requirements and features your solution will need. Some other considerations are:


Which checkouts, tills or counters?

How many tills and self-checkouts do you have? Would you like to include your specialised product counters, such as beauty, deli or bakery?

Do you need staff detection?

Would you like the solution to exclude staff from the analytics? Would you like to use alerts to tell staff when a customer needs assistance at a counter?

Do you need to report on dwell time?

Would you like to know how long customers spend in defined zones?

Would you like to distinguish between adults and children?

Do you need a solution that can detect and measure height accurately to enable filters to be set up to exclude children?

Let us know how we can help