How do Queue Management Systems Work?

Real-time queue monitoring

The basic principle behind queue management systems is to quantify queue demand at any given time and inform your staff in real-time.

People counting sensors placed above each checkout count the number of customers being served, the number of customers waiting to be served and measure how long they have been waiting.

This can be used to raise alerts at predetermined levels and can be combined with clever algorithms and real-time store footfall data to generate predicted queue volume.

This enables you to react to customer demand as quickly as possible, keeping the checkouts running efficiently, reducing the waiting time for your customers and improving their shopping experience.

Queue Management - Checkout
Increase customer spend

By creating a better shopping environment where customers don’t have to wait in long queues at the end of their visit, they are more likely to visit the store more often, and purchase more items overall.

Efficient use of staff

See exactly how many of your staff are actually required to operate the checkouts at any given time. Get the most out of your staff by redeploying them to other parts of the store during quiet times.

Increase customer loyalty

By improving the customer experience and their satisfaction with your store, you can help instill loyalty in your customers and increase their spend.

Predictive queue management

The next level of sophistication is to predict the queue volume and checkout staff required, at a point in the future.

By placing sensors at the entrances to the store and using sophisticated predictive algorithms, we can predict the queue requirements up to 15, or 30 minutes ahead of time.

Combine this with the benefits brought by the real-time information and your in-store management will get the clearest information possible about how to efficiently organise staffing and how to create the best experience possible at the store.

By anticipating your requirements ahead of time, you can make sure staff are in place to meet customer demand before the store gets too busy. By acting proactively instead of reactively, customer waiting times can be kept down.


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