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A complete queue management solution

Irisys is proud to be the pioneers of the industry when it comes to using people counting technology as a basis for queue management. Our specialist hardware and software systems are ideally suited to the modern supermarket, with grocers all over the world adopting our technology. All supermarkets are looking for greater operational efficiencies, their customers for the best possible experience, and Irisys Queue Management software systems make this possible. A range of tools are available:

Lane Management

The Irisys Enterprise Lane Management System (sometimes called ELMS for short) reports the key analytics at the heart of the Queue Management solution. Giving you the ability to measure the performance of your systems at the checkout, it also gives you a near real-time measure of the impact of new initiatives, helping you to measure your ROI, identify areas for improvement, and compare across stores, regions, or countries.

Giving you an objective measure for fact-based decisions on your staff scheduling, ELMS makes big savings possible at the same time as maintaining, or even improving customer service and satisfaction.


One of our most innovative Queue Management software systems, the predictor tool gives checkout supervisors a chance to prepare for anticipated increases in demand for checkouts, based on data from around the store. It gives a chance for new lanes to be opened to cope with imminent increases in demand, and gives advanced notice that staff can be redeployed from checkouts to other tasks. It allows stores to make the most out of small workforce, and means that customer waiting times can be massively reduced.

Store Data System

The Store data system acts as a hub for all the hardware and software within the store. Displaying information either via a browser based dashboard, via a VGA display in-store, or sent out to hand-held devices for staff to be alerted to developing situations. It gives flexible access to data at all levels of staff hierarchy, and many stores also use the VGA display to give customers updates about waiting times, improving the customer experience.

Lane Scheduler

The lane scheduler tool gives managers a chance to anticipate their staffing requirements weeks in advance. Based on past data and the best estimates of future traffic, Lane Scheduler helps you to plan the numbers of staff members you will need, and their deployment patterns across the store, giving you a structured approach to scheduling.




We have heat seeking cameras that sense the number of customers entering a store and predict the checkouts that need to be open in an hour... we can monitor and manage the service customers get much more precisely — by customer, by store and by the minute.

Sir Terry Leahy, former CEO of Tesco