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Tesco, Morrisons Best Places to Avoid Queueing – Both Use Irisys

Posted by Allen Haynes on Aug 2, 2016 4:08:48 PM

We’ve all been there – the long line, packed self-checkout, and slew of slow shoppers. All of these can affect the shopping experience, but waiting in a long queue is still the most bothersome, according to a recent study by Which?.

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Topics: Morrisons, queueing times, supermarket queueing times, queue management, supermarkets, Tesco, Queue, Kroger

The great queue method debate: self-service checkout vs staffed

Posted by Mari Saona on Jul 26, 2012 2:43:00 PM

The excitement of the introduction of self-service checkouts at the turn of the millennium was fuelled by potential cost savings on labour for retailers, speedier queuing times for customers, and potential to increase customer loyalty in retail. Ten years on, the efficiency of do-it-yourself checkouts has been criticised, particularly when it comes to managing queues.

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Topics: self-service checkout queues, staffed checkout queues, queueing times, theft at checkout, supermarket queueing times