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Occupancy limits? Restrictions on gatherings? Social distancing?

SafeCount can help businesses and organisations ensure customers, visitors and employees have the space they need.


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Time and Convenience Part III: How Grocery Shopping Changes with Each Generation

Self-Service is a Customer Choice

Single vs. Multiple Queues – Which one is best for you?

6 Signs you Don't Have the Right Number of Staff

4 Strategies for Ensuring You Have Enough Staff at Peak Times

What Common Factors Affect the Productivity of a Company?

The Importance of Increasing Efficiency in Retail

Why Maximising Operational Performance is More Important than Ever

How Can I Improve Operational Efficiency?

3 Ways You Can Achieve Higher Productivity in Retail

Time & Convenience Part II: How Grocery Shopping Changes with Each Generation

Amazon Re-invents Retail Landscape with Whole Foods Acquisition

Time and Convenience: How Grocery Shopping Changes with Each Generation

Calculating Benefits of a Queue Management System — Labour Savings

What You Need to Know About Amazon’s First Brick-and-Mortar Store

Another Customer Service Challenge - Life in the Slow Lane?

Calculating the Benefits of a Queue Management System

Serving Those Who Serve Themselves: 4 Ways to Optimize Self-Service Checkout Performance

Piggly Wiggly LLC: JTM Corporation -- An Irisys Queue Intelligence Success Story

Powered by Irisys Technology, Kroger Saves $250 Million

Irisys at the 2016 TRUNO Conference

4 Ways Retailers Can Save Money Using Analytics

Tesco, Morrisons Best Places to Avoid Queueing – Both Use Irisys

Sustaining your front end strategy

Benefits of the Irisys queue management system

Key metrics for monitoring front end customer service

Do Retailers have the processes in place to support and deliver their checkout service promise?

Do retailers overspend to deliver their service promises?

Customers are clear about what matters most – are retailers listening?

UK Retail Sales Expectations at Highest Level in 27 Years

A High-Tech Approach To Customer Service

What does Aldi tell us about queuing?

Canadian Retailers Gamble Lower Prices will Heighten Customer Loyalty

Irisys Queue Management can Complement Confusing Loyalty Programs

Ralphs Implements Irisys Queue Management to Deliver Faster Checkout

Case Study: Tesco deploys Irisys Queue Management to alleviate subjectivity, deliver faster checkout for customers

Case Study: Kroger deploys Irisys Queue Management to achieve faster checkout and higher sales – without adding labor expense

No matter how you say it… we’re No.1

Big Data: Enhancing Customer Experience in Real Time Builds Brand Loyalty

Customers Walk Out of Stores, Abandon Purchases when Lines are Long

Make 2014 Count: Industry Group Forecasts 4.1% Retail Industry Growth

Retailers Hope to Maximize In-Store Traffic

Short Season and Fast Sales, Irisys’ Technology Can Help Retailers Maximize Busy Stores During Peak Holiday Periods

Queue Management and Self Service: Sweating the Asset

Supermarket Queue Management – Declaring Your Service

Experts Cite Super Service as Key to Nordstrom and Kohl’s Being Named America’s Favorite Fashion Retailers

Customer Service Keeps Customers Coming Back -- and Doors Open for Business

Irisys Awards Prodco International & Remaco for Outstanding Achievements

Retail Customers Want Product Showcases, Vibrant Shopping Environments – and High-Quality Service

Hawaii’s Largest Local Grocer Finds High-Tech Retail Solution

Turn One-Time Holiday Shoppers Into Repeat Customers

Lack of Online Grocery Options Drives Focus to In-Store Customer Service

Smart Checkouts Can Leave a Lasting Impression

Irisys, Reflexis Showcase Joint Solution at 2012 User’s Conference

Survey Shows Confidence in Traditional Retail Leaders

Employees at Irisys presented Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Ed Austin talks queue management on the BBC's One Show

High-Tech Alliance Provides Door-to-Door Shopping Analytics

Tracking Conversion to Measure Success

Teach Stores to Predict Crowds with Thermal Technology

How long will retail customers wait (and what you can do to help)?

Manage Checkout without Turning Customers into Cashiers

Retail is increasingly reliant on counting footfall for missing data

Kroger Touts Investment in Reduced Lines, Improved Shopper Experience

Objective People Counting Produces Accurate Conversion Rates

8 Ways to Reduce Queuing Time in Retail Stores

Black Monday? Labor Day Weekend Savings Trump Black Friday

Study Finds In-Store Advantages among Back-to-School Shoppers

Airport retail: can technology support revenue growth?

5 Ways to Increase Retail Sales Using Shopping Baskets

Up Your Store IQ With Infrared Technology

Thermal-Powered People Counting Technology Provides Never-Before-Seen Look at Olympics Retail

The great queue method debate: self-service checkout vs staffed

8 tips to improve customer loyalty in retail

The Retail Run-Down: Thermal Imaging solves retail's oldest problems

Peak Trading: 5 Tips to Manage Customer Service

Queuing tops customers' pet hates in retail customer service

How does thermal imaging technology support building efficiencies?

7 ways people counting analytics help retailers

Should retail analysis only focus on 'economically active' shoppers?

Score One for Brick and Mortar

Does counting 'shopper groups' improve retail analytics (whitepaper)?

Keep Shoppers Happy, Keep Shoppers … Shopping

Infrared is still market leading technology for queue management

Thermal Sensors: Accuracy

The Big Show: Initial Thoughts

The Exchange of New Ideas

Flagship London store to deliver better retail customer service

NRF 101st Annual Convention and EXPO

Black Friday: Things every retailer and consumer need to know

Smart Stores: Retail trend shapes customer service

Enhancing Customer Service, Driving Sales through Infrared and Thermal Imaging Technologies

Anti-superbug test programme for NHS gains medical ethical approval

Focusing on the Customer Experience

The Importance of Workforce Management

Olympic shopping centre chooses Irisys people counting

Conclusion – Predictive Checkout Management

Meeting the royals at Buckingham Palace

Data Displays

Calzedonia counts on Experian FootFall

The day we met the Queen

How does the technology work

Questions and Irisys’ Solutions

Challenge for Retailers – Predictive Checkout Management

Managing Labor Costs

Irisys wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

The Psychology of Waiting in Line

Retail Business Technology Expo gives food for thought

Retailers Highlight Technology and Customer Experience in 2011

Customer service comes into focus at NRF

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