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    Innovative Time-of-Flight (ToF) People Counting and Identification for use in retail stores, office, workplace monitoring, building management and security.

    Applications include low-flow retail environments with high staff interaction. This includes high fashion, jewellery, car showrooms, cellphone stores and anywhere where staff movement or customer interaction is significant and important.

    Irisys is an international leader in providing marketing leading retail analytics and people counting technology, serving clients in the UK, USA, Canada and throughout Europe.

    The Irisys Vector 4D is an innovative Time-of-Flight sensor that illuminates the scene with invisible Infra-Red light pulses. Analysis of the pulses returning to the detector allows measurement of the position, height and behaviour of people within the space. An innovative (patented) technique is used to identify and track staff members from customers, without the need for additional technology such as RF tags or beacons. Wherever it is necessary to remove staff from an overall count, or to monitor the behaviour of staff, the Irisys Vector 4D should be used.

    Vector 4D Capabilities

    • Reliably identify and track staff
    • Passive - no RF tagging required
    • No problems with RF interference, no hassles with RF
    • Unique 'identification' technology
    • No third-party equipment, no batteries, no headaches
    • Visible indication of staff or customer for validation
    • Staff statistics output alongside count data
    • Unobtrusive and discreet
    • Downwards looking detector
    • Works independently of clothing colour or style