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Check out our Vector 4D preview videos

The Irisys Vector 4D™ is the new, most advanced People Counter available in the world, bringing together the best technologies available into one package. Here are some examples of the new sensor in action during testing.

In the videos you will see yellow circles, showing the individuals that are being tracked, and height information which is being measured against them. This feature is intended to help differentiate between adults and children, which can be seen in the videos. 

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1: Basic Tracking - This video simply shows the basic principles of people tracking, counting and height measurement.

 2: Natural scenario: An everyday scenario showing more complex movements and the capability of the vector to track the path of every individual.


 3: Dwell Measurement: This video shows how Vector 4D can track people in dense crowds whether they are moving or standing still, and continuously measure their height at the same time.