Anti Tailgating Sensor
and Tailgating Detection

Prevent tailgating with Vector 4D

Anti-tailgating with Vector 4D

Using the Vector 4D as a tailgate detector provides a significant increase in access control and security by detecting tailgating events in real-time.

A tailgating events occurs when an un-authorized person follows a valid card/badge holder through a controlled door into a building or area. Tailgaters may be doing so maliciously to bypass security measures or innocently, for example, by being letting somebody else in.

The Vector 4D uses proven people counting technology to accurately and anonymously count the number of people entering the secure area in real-time and raise alarms when tailgating events occurs.


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Real-Time Tailgating Detection

Suitable for doors, turnstiles, virtual doors, mantraps, airlocks and transfer gates

Privacy protecting
Privacy Protecting

Anonymous sensing technology, detects tailgating events, not individuals

Proven technology
Proven Technology

Uses highly accurate people counting technology

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Access Control - Tailgating

Tailgating detection modes and uses

The Vector 4D supports several tailgating and security modes:

  • Standard tailgate detection mode
  • Wrong-way detection mode
  • 'Person in zone' detection mode

These modes can be used in:

  • Banks and office buildings
  • Defence and government buildings
  • Airports and transportation hubs
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Gyms, leisure facilities, hotels and accommodation blocks
  • Computer and data centres, cleanrooms and high security rooms

How the Vector 4D anti tailgating sensor works

The anti-tailgate detection functionality of the Vector 4D works in conjunction with an access control system to detect a person following a cardholder through a controlled entrance.

The number of valid card swipes is compared to the real-time count of the number of people entering. A difference in these counts indicates a tailgating event and generates an alarm signal.

This tailgating alarm can be used to trigger an appropriate response:

  • Sound a local buzzer or alarm at the door to allow local staff to challenge the person tailgating.
  • Record the tailgate alarm to allow daily/weekly event logs to be generated.
  • Trigger live CCTV images to be displayed or recorded.
  • Automatically lock a second subsequent door/gate.

How tailgating works

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Vector 4D - tailgate detector

Vector 4D anti-tailgating features

The Vector 4D people counting sensor has many features that make it extremely flexible and versatile in detecting tailgating events.

  • Universal interface (simple relay closure)
  • Retro-fit to existing systems
  • Alarm output relay
  • User configurable detection lines
  • Unique passive staff-detection option
  • Simple installation – downwards looking
  • Built-in video camera for set-up and configuration
  • Local or remote configuration via standard IP connection

About Vector 4D

Vector 4D is the latest people counter from Irisys. With an all new feature set and increased accuracy, the Vector 4D is the most advanced people counter in the world. New features include:

     Staff detection

     Dwell time monitoring

     Automated staff call and attend

See how Vector 4D can take you beyond people counting and optimise the customer experience.