See how you can go beyond people counting

Download the Vector 4D Datasheet

Staff Detection

Staff Detection

Remove staff from counts or count specifically



Privacy of customers and staff protected

Multi Unit

Multi Unit

Connect multiple units together to cover large areas


Dwell Time Monitoring

Measure the length of time customers spend in defined areas


Works in Tough Conditions

Unaffected by darkness, bright sunshine or reflective surfaces

Vector 4D people counterThe Vector 4D is the latest innovative product from Irisys. Developed based on customer feedback over many years, it is highly accurate and boasts advanced dwell and staff detection features.

Download the Vector 4D datasheet now for technical specifications and to discover more about features such as:

  • Customer dwell
  • Employee detection
  • Customer engagement
  • Heat maps
  • Multi unit

Download the Vector 4D datasheet now to see how you too can go beyond people counting.