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With the best analytics platforms available, a worldwide network of partners and end users, and 20 years experience in the retail sector, Irisys is ideally placed to offer not only products, but consultancy services to help retailers take their business to the next level.

Gathering your intelligence is one thing, and Irisys systems will allow you to gather some of the most valuable intelligence available, but knowing what to do with it is another matter.

Setting strategy

Helping you to combine the intelligence you gather into your business strategy is where Irisys consultancy services really show their value and can produce rapid and lasting results. Our retail consultancy services help you to positively impact the bottom line and make the most of your value.

Project delivery

Working through our global partner network, we still help end-users to make sure their system is going to serve them as well as possible. With many optional services such as training, on-site or remote support and helping you to plan system implementation, Irisys project management is also ready to help you develop the system to make improvements in the future and identify new areas you can derive value from your data.