SafeCount™ Plus

Occupancy reporting cloud platform

Get advanced reporting and alerting with SafeCount Plus

Extend your SafeCount system with a SafeCount Plus cloud subscription. Remotely access and analyse all of the occupancy data collected by your SafeCount systems, across a portfolio of buildings and locations.

Advanced reporting enables you to easily review, compare and analyse occupancy data to identify locations that are not complying with occupancy restrictions, allowing you to take action.

Email and SMS alerting options enable you to be kept up to date, even when you are not on site.

Live occupancy data can also be integrated with some door systems for automated control.

SafeCount Plus - Dashboards - Desktop Tablet Mobile

Advanced reporting

Remote access to real-time and historic reports.

Email and SMS alerts

Get alerts and notifications, even when not on site.


Review compliance with occupancy targets and limits.


Across large portfolios of buildings and timezones.

SafeCount Plus - Web Browser

Upgrade to SafeCount Plus

Talk to your Irisys SafeCount installer/distributor, or talk to one of our occupancy experts


Go further. Unlock the potential of 
occupancy analytics

Occupancy analytics is a powerful tool that helps businesses understand their space utilization. In a post COVID world where growing number of employees are working remotely, space utilization is low and huge real estate costs savings can be realised.

The same SafeCount sensors that you install to control occupancy, can also be used to collect data for the Irisys' occupancy analytics platform, called True Occupancy.

This platform is highly scalable and additional sensors can be added over time to measure the utilization of other areas of your building, such as meeting rooms, or even to cover your whole building or campus.

Discover True Occupancy

National Grid Logo"The Irisys system is expected to help National Grid maintain a
saving of £8 million in the first year,
and over £48 million in the first 5 years,

with an ROI of less than 12 months."

(Source = True Occupancy National Grid case study)

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How SafeCount works

SafeCount uses highly accurate people counting sensors to count people as they enter and exit a building or a room.

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SafeCount Datasheet

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Data accuracy is critical when measuring occupancy as this minimises error build up, that could make the metric useless.

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