How SafeCount™ Works

How to measure occupancy in real time

Measuring occupancy with SafeCount is fast and simple


SafeCount - How it works - Large - Step 1

Install SafeCount sensor above entrance/exit and connect cables.

SafeCount - How it works - Large - Step 2

Install additional SafeCount sensors above other entrances/exits and configure basic settings.

SafeCount - How it works - Large - Step 3

Customers and visitors are counted accurately and anonymously.

SafeCount - How it works - Large - Step 4

View live occupancy data via any connected device.


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The SafeCount Sensor

The SafeCount sensor is a customised version of our highly advanced Vector 4D people counting sensor.

Designed for accuracy and privacy, the sensor uses infrared Time of Flight technology and AI machine vision to anonymously detect and count people. This is what the sensor sees ==>

The sensor is able to count large crowds of people, all moving in different directions and is unaffected by environmental conditions such as bright sunshine or shadows.

SafeCount - People Counting PrivacyIrisys SafeCount Sensor - Vector 4D

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Frequently asked questions


SafeCount FAQs

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Frequently asked questions

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SafeCount Datasheet

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