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Ordering SafeCount is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply follow our 3 step process below and you will soon be measuring and controlling occupancy.


Irisys is owned by Fluke and we are utilizing their eCommerce platform and distribution facilities to enable online ordering.

Before you order, we recommend...
  • Count the number of entrances/exits to the rooms or buildings that you want to measure and control the occupancy of.
  • Check that each entrance/exit has a suitable SafeCount sensor mounting position. See the SafeCount sensor mounting requirements in this guide for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently we can only ship to the USA. To purchase outside of the USA, see SafeCount Distributors or Contact Us

Step 1. SafeCount sensors

There are two types of SafeCount sensors, Primary and Secondary.

What’s the difference?

  • Primary sensor - Each occupancy area requires ONE Primary sensor. We recommend installing the Primary sensor at the main (or busiest) entrance to the area.
  • Secondary sensor - These are used for any other entrances/exits to the area you are monitoring the occupancy of. Up to TWENTY Secondary sensors can be used with one Primary sensor.

What's an occupancy area?

This is the area you want to measure the occupancy of. It could be an individual room, a floor plate or an entire building.

SafeCount supports zone in zone configurations (eg a restroom within an office). Remember, each is a separate occupancy area and will require its own Primary sensor.

See the SafeCount product selection guide for more info.

SafeCount Sensor - 250x250
Primary Sensor




SafeCount Sensor - 250x250
Secondary Sensor





Step 2. Display options

We have display options to suit all environments, from corporate offices to retail stores. Each has been fully tested to work seamlessly within a SafeCount system and each includes all cables you need to be up and running in no time.

  • LED displays - Smart and simple display signage. The Mini LED is perfect for workplaces and is often used outside restrooms. Display alternates between green "Enter" and red "Do Not Enter" 
  • LCD display screens - The most customizable and flexible display option. These display screens are perfect for anywhere and the messaging on screen can be completely tailored to match any corporate branding.
  • Traffic light display - Ideal for use outdoors to signal to visitors or customers that it is safe to enter your building.

Need more information?

See the display section of the SafeCount product selection guide.

SafeCount Display - Mini LED
Mini LED Display




SafeCount Display - Large 470
Large 470 LED Display





SafeCount Display - IWC6254
10" Smart All-In-One LCD Display




SafeCount Display - IWC6255
10" Smart All-In-One LCD Display with Lightbar, POE and Touchscreen




SafeCount Display - IWC6256
21.5" Enhanced All-In-One LCD Display




SafeCount Display - Traffic Light
Traffic Light Display





Step 3. SafeCount Plus

SafeCount Plus is a cloud subscription addon that greatly extends the functionality and capabilities of your SafeCount system.

  • Email and SMS alerts - Get alerts/notifications, even when not on site
  • Advanced reporting - Remote access to real-time and historic data 
  • Compliance - Review compliance with occupancy targets and limits
  • Scalable - Use across large portfolios of buildings and timezones

Do I need to get SafeCount Plus?

We recommend adding SafeCount Plus as it greatly extends the functionality of SafeCount, however it is completely optional.

A SafeCount system will accurately count people and control occupancy without SafeCount Plus, however SafeCount Plus enables you to get other benefits and utilize the occupancy data being collected.

Please note, one SafeCount Plus subscription is required per Primary sensor

SafeCount Plus - 250x250
SafeCount Plus





And that's it!

All that remains is to complete the transaction and then sit back and relax whilst your new SafeCount system makes its way to you.

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If you have any questions or need more information, get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to help.


Audit-ComplianceDownload Datasheet

Packed with details, tech specs and other information you need to know about SafeCount.


Brands that have deployed Irisys people counting solutions


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The Markets website logo

The Markets at Anacortes chose a SafeCount occupancy monitoring system to protect customer and staff safety within the store.

"Spot on accurate. Very simple to use"

Describing it as "a perfect solution" for them, CEO Kevin Weatherill, praises the accuracy and simplicity of the system, and reveals that the occupancy data captured is providing benefits and insights in other areas.

The Markets - SafeCount is the perfect solution for us video

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SafeCount uses highly accurate people counting sensors to count people as they enter and exit a building or a room.

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SafeCount Datasheet

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