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People Counting for Retail Analysis

Retail is an increasingly competitive market, with traditional bricks and mortar stores now just one of the options that customers can turn to. With all the data that online competition can gather and use to improve their business models, it's vital that offline stores don't get left behind.

Retail analysis is now being practiced by an increasing proportion of the world's retailers, and is accessible even to smaller businesses thanks to the reduced costs brought by technology. 

Big data – big opportunity

Even the best management teams rely on good quality information to answer their questions:

  • How can I make operational savings?
  • How can I improve store conversion rates?
  • Where can we gain competitive advantage?
  • How do I improve the customer experience?

The Retail Analysis made possible by Irisys' People Counting systems makes it possible to answer these questions by providing an objective source of data for everyone from the front-line staff to board-level management.