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Estate Manager Case Study

Coretech Solutions LogoCoretech Solutions chooses Irisys’ Estate Manager Software to expand their level of customer support and achieve efficiencies

Who are Coretech Solutions?


Coretech Solutions is the world’s number one partner to the customer data and retail intelligence industry, providing outsourced implementation services, together with a worldwide monitoring, maintenance and support network.

It has over 25,000 implementations and over 15 years of experience, with extensive expertise in setting up and optimising people counting devices.

In offering this level of support, Coretech invests in the latest technology which enables it to maintain high levels of responsiveness to its customers, anytime, anywhere in the world.

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Why did they choose to use the Irisys Estate Manager software?


When Irisys launched its Estate Manager software tool in 2014, Coretech were early adopters of the software, immediately seeing not only its potential for enabling efficient support to their customers, but also the opportunity to streamline their own operations.

enterprise software solution for remotely installing and maintaining a network of people counting devices

As an integrated suite of device management tools, Estate Manager software offers Coretech a comprehensive view of its 3000 series and Gazelle™ device network, together with people counting devices from other suppliers - providing a feature rich, enterprise software solution for remotely installing and maintaining a connected network of people counting devices – all from a central location.

Coretech now routinely uses Estate Manager software to manage, configure and support large estates of Irisys devices.

What has been their experience?


In selecting the Estate Manager software, Phil Cox, Managing Director of Coretech Solutions said, “We chose Irisys’ Estate Manager [software] as our tool of choice, because it is designed to be robust and effective in managing our clients’ widespread estates of devices.” Adding, “Reliable estate management is the starting point for a quality people counting installation, particularly where large numbers of devices across several geographic areas are concerned”.

reduced number of on-site visits

Operating in over 49 countries, and with customers which include the world’s 5 largest solutions providers, Coretech is fully committed to systems, processes and controls which underpin their dedication to delivering data accuracy, business benefits and results - as well as satisfied customers.

Demanding high levels of performance, Coretech has been utilising the software for over a year and has seen a positive impact on its business by reducing the number of on-site visits, together with lowered support and install costs. It has also proved effective in rapid issue resolution as CoreTech’s helpdesk team have been able to use the software to access systems remotely and provide dynamic support as issues have arisen.

lowered support and install costs

Coretech has been partnered with Irisys, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of people counting devices and software for many years. The Estate Manager software solution has offered a true advance in the management of networks of people counting devices - creating a unified framework with all the tools at your fingertips, to help control resources and improve decision making.

Phil Cox commented “Managing a large-scale people counting implementation requires special tools, and Estate Manager [software] has proved an invaluable tool in allowing Coretech to provide a first-class service”