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Gazelle DualView is one of the popular Gazelle People Counting range, with a host of improvements over its predecessors. Powered by Irisys’ infrared technology and using body heat to track the presence and direction of movement , the Gazelle DualView has a proven reliability of over 98%, and can generate valuable analytics data for end users. It is also suitable for a multitude of applications, including People Counting, Smart Buildings, Security and more.

For applications or territories where privacy requirements important, a thermal only version of Gazelle is also available, and includes all the same features as other Gazelle devices, minus video capability.

Key Features

Easy Installation

With a new video module added to the Gazelle DualView you can verify your installation using our survey tool, and even configure it remotely. This makes Gazelle DualView both easy and inexpensive to install.


Compatible with our Estate Manager software, Gazelle DualView systems are suitable for organisations of any size, at a single location or worldwide. Connecting the devices to your networks you can manage entire sites at the same time, and with internet access you can manage all sites at the same time.


Extreme stability in all lighting and temperature conditions, including, low light conditions, glare and shadow.

Low cost of ownership

With low power consumption and the ability to carry out validation, audits and diagnostics of the Gazelle DualView remotely, you can save on expensive on-site surveys to keep your system running. Our thermal detectors are also resistant to the everyday build-up of dirt and dust, so maintenance requirements are minimised.


Thermal sensing technology preserves the anonymity of those that it counts, as no individual can be identified, while still delivering world-class analytics.


gazelle dual view people counter recessed mounting optionAlthough previous Irisys people counters were already unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing, Gazelle improves yet further. Now with the option to actually mount fully recessed into the ceiling, you can run a Gazelle system without affecting the appearance of your rooms.


A verifiable low return rate and unsurpassed lifetime in the field makes Gazelle DualView an ideal choice for remote deployment.

If you would like to find out more about the Gazelle DualView and our other products, you pilot a system today