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Gazelle 2

Since its introduction, the Gazelle range has undergone a number of upgrades, culminating in today's Gazelle 2. With ibeacon capability, a new 90° lens and higher resolution array, the Gazelle 2 is the best people counter available today.


Irisys Partner Portal

If you need more product information such as data sheets and specifications, they are all available for free on the Irisys Partner Portal - just sign up and log in! There is also a large library of product images, and all the details about our historic product catalog. 





Gazelle DualView & Gazelle Thermal

The highest performance members of our successful ‘Gazelle’ range of instruments, Gazelle DualView offers tried and tested infrared people technology for a range of applications, with built-in optical camera for validation and audit purposes. Where privacy is an additional concern, a thermal only version of Gazelle is also available, where individuals cannot be identified. You can also monitor your sensors remotely using our software and perform any checks you need to.



Historical Products

Irisys have a large number of historical products that are still in use worldwide, and we continue to provide support for all of them. If you are a reseller or end user with any of these products and you need support, then please get in touch.


Irisys products are the market leading people counter choice worldwide, with over 400,000 units sold across a range of industries.

Retailers use Irisys people counters to help them measure and improve upon their key objectives such as conversion rate, customer engagement and delivering good customer service, and deliver reports to stores and corporate management about performance at all levels.

The Irisys Queue Intelligence™ system is used in thousands of supermarkets all over the world to manage the demand for front-end checkout labour, ensuring that customer waiting times are kept as low as possible and operational labour cost savings can be made. With our specially developed prediction tool, front-end managers can anticipate and respond to increases and decreases in customer flow, making sure that at all times the promised service level is delivered to them. It also allows senior management to plan new service initiatives, cost them, and measure their impact. An increasing number of the world’s biggest supermarket brands rely on this system.

Irisys sensors also power our Smart Building system, designed for space and HVAC management. By understanding the real demand for space, where and when it is actually being used, organisations ranging from corporate offices to universities can get on top of their utilities costs, see where they have excess capacity, and make more effective use of the space they already have.