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How does People Counting technology help shopping malls?

Managing the complex patterns of footfall in public areas such as shopping malls is challenging – which is why Irisys thermal sensors and people counting systems are a must have to ensure your customer experience stands out from the competition.

Understand your customers and set realistic rental rates for tenants

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Irisys people counter networks can be used to measure footfall through different entrances, across different floors and even through defined zones of the mall. This allows you to set realistic rental rates for all of your tenants and identify the prime locations within your building.

Create a better customer experience

So much of what decides where customers shop is about the environment that you create for them. With shopping malls especially, you have to create a destination that is an enjoyable place to be. By deploying a network of people counters you can identify areas of congestion and take steps to solve this problem. You can identify areas that are under-used and create opportunities for improvement. You can also find patterns in people movement and popular times of day, and fit your activities around this, all giving the customers a better environment in which to shop, and making your mall stand out.


Improve your staff scheduling

Getting a better idea of how many people use different areas of your mall, at which times of day and the rate at which different services, such as bathrooms, are accessed, means you can schedule your staff more effectively. You can identify more efficient cleaning times, which areas will need attention more often and so on. You can see the most popular times and the most popular areas of the mall, giving you a better idea of where and when your security staff is required, and so on. All of these measures help you to create a better customer experience, and to make sure your staff is being used where they will generate the most value for your business.

Ensure the effectiveness of your marketing

Comparing your footfall figures before, during and after marketing campaigns means you can calculate your return on investment and plan your future marketing activities more effectively. You can also measure and predict the impact of seasonal changes and the draw through rate of the anchor stores within the mall.

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