People Counting in Shopping Malls

How does people counting benefit shopping malls?

Managing the complex patterns of footfall and sheer number of visitors in public areas such as shopping malls is challenging. This is why Irisys' highly accurate people counting sensors are a must have to ensure your customer experience stands out from the competition.

In the current climate, people counting is vital to protecting safety and ensuring social distancing. By measuring occupancy and limiting the number of people entering, mall operators can provide a safe environment.

As destinations, malls needs to provide an environment that shoppers enjoy and want to be in, whilst also attracting retailers to rent space.

People counters can also be used to understand shopper movements and identify areas of pain such as crowded or congested walkways, thus improving visitor satisfaction. Also, by understanding visitor footfall and areas of high/low traffic, realistic rents for retailers can be set.

Ultimately, people counters can help give visitors a better shopping environment and make your shopping mall stand out from the competition.

Benefits and ROI

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackSet realistic rental rates for tenants

Irisys people counter networks can be used to measure footfall through different entrances, across different floors and even through defined zones of the mall.

This allows you to set realistic rental rates for all of your tenants and identify the prime locations within your shopping center.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackCreate a better customer experience

Shopping malls are destinations, therefore they need to be a place that is enjoyable for visitors to be in. A people counting system helps management to understand visitor behaviour and can identify areas of congestion enabling you to take steps to remedy. They can also spot areas that are under-used, allowing opportunities for improvement.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackImprove your staff scheduling

By understanding how visitors use your mall - at what times they visit, when they use different services and washrooms etc - it enables you to schedule staff more effectively.

Cleaning staff can prioritise the most used washrooms, security staff can be allocated to the busiest areas and maintenance teams can minimise disruption by working when quietest.

All of these measures not only help to get the most from your staff, they also help to create a better customer experience.

iconfinder_check-circle-outline_326568 blackEnsure the effectiveness of your marketing

Comparing your footfall figures before, during and after marketing campaigns means you can calculate your return on investment and plan your future marketing activities more effectively.

You can also measure and predict the impact of seasonal changes and the draw through rate of the anchor stores within the mall.

See how you can go beyond people counting DOWNLOAD VECTOR 4D BROCHURE

Vector 4D people counter

Vector 4D - front - smallThe most advanced, privacy protecting people counter in the world with unrivaled count accuracy.

Impressive features such as staff detection, dwell time measuring and the ability to connect multiple units to cover wide openings enable this IoT device to help smart retailers go beyond people counting and optimise their customer experience.


Their ability to count large volumes of people reliably and accurately was critical
Westfield Case Study